Drivers may receive a Nebraska traffic citation for a variety of driving or non-driving misdemeanors. By paying driving fines in NE motorists waive their right to a court hearing and admit their responsibility for the committed infraction.

Licensees who are not able to submit their NE ticket violation payment or believe they are innocent may prepare a traffic ticket defense and challenge the issue in court. Find out more about Nebraska traffic fines and payment options by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Nebraska
  • Nebraska traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Nebraska
  • Dismissal of charges in Nebraska
  • Lost tickets in Nebraska

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Nebraska

Drivers are eligible to simply pay driving tickets in Nebraska, thus responding to their summons only if they have received a “waiverable” citation.

In case the “waiver allowed” box on their traffic fine is not checked, motorist will need to either appear in person to settle their case or contact the corresponding court for further information.

Should drivers decide to provide an NE traffic tickets payment, they automatically plead guilty to their offense and may incur demerit points on their driving record in addition to other penalties. The process of paying a speeding ticket in NE or other types of citations may be completed via several methods, including online, in person or by mail (if available).

Paying a Nebraska Ticket Online

In order to pay traffic fines online in Nebraska, you will need to access the state Waiverable Citation Payment System, provided you are eligible for the procedure. When submitting your NE traffic fines online payment , you must also provide your ticket number, as well as the county where you were cited.

Paying traffic tickets online requires you to utilize a credit/debit card or eCheck. Note that additional charges typically apply when using this payment method.

You are generally required to submit payments in a timely manner, unless you want to face harsh penalties, such as points on your driving transcript or even a driver’s license suspension. In case you are answering to a ticket for which a warrant has been issued, the warrant will remain active until the court states otherwise.

Paying a Nebraska Ticket via Other Methods

Drivers who are unable to pay traffic citations in Nebraska via the internet may still finalize the process in person or via mail. Since traffic tickets payment methods may vary, contact the presiding court about available payment options.

In case motorists have been cited for several Nebraska traffic violations, and one of the infractions requires a mandatory court appearance, they will need to appear in court by the deadline as stated on their ticket to respond to all the offenses.

Nebraska Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Another option to respond to a traffic fine in Nebraska is challenging the issued citation in court. Should you choose to beat a traffic ticket, you may consider hiring an attorney, thus increasing your chances of winning your case.

NE traffic ticket lawyers usually help drivers avoid the negative consequences of the offense in question, such as paying large fines, negative points on driving reports or license suspensions. To be matched with an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Nebraska, simply submit a picture of your ticket and answer a few questions.

Pleading Not Guilty in Nebraska

The process of contesting a traffic ticket in Nebraska may differ depending on the corresponding court, and the exact steps to finalize it may be found on the citation.

In general, drivers fighting traffic fines must notify the court of their decision to plead “not guilty” and request a trial. Motorists must be prepared to deliver a strong NE traffic ticket defense before the court to win their case and avoid adverse effects on their licensure.

In case of a more serious offense, drivers who cannot afford a ticket attorney may be assigned a public defender. However, public defenders typically have large caseloads and may not be able to give your case the attention a private lawyer will. To find the right traffic ticket attorney, you may conduct your search quickly and conveniently online.

Dismissal of Charges in Nebraska

Drivers who wish to dismiss traffic tickets in Nebraska may be able to do so by completing a state-approved defensive driving course.

Motorists with traffic citations issued due to minor misdemeanors may generally utilize this method to not only qualify for a ticket dismissal, but also maintain a clean driving record.

If the law enforcement officer who issued your NE traffic citation included incorrect information pertaining to your offense, you may be eligible to request a dismissal of your ticket as well.

Lost Tickets in Nebraska

In order to respond to a Nebraska traffic citation by either paying the related fines or disputing the case in court, motorists will need to provide the details contained within the form.

Drivers who have misplaced their traffic ticket in NE are generally required to retrieve the necessary information in due time to finalize either procedure. In general, the traffic violation court handling your case may provide you with such details upon request.

You may also use the state online case search system depending on your case. Note that a $15 fee will apply for each search, in such case.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.