Drivers accrue Nebraska penalty points on their driving records whenever they are convicted of a traffic violation within the state. The state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) assigns a different amount of demerit points in NE for different types of offenses.

In addition to the traffic ticket penalty issued by the department, severe criminal penalties may also be administered for certain more serious offenses by the court that is processing the ticket.

Learn more about the state point system and how to fight a traffic ticket in Nebraska by reading the sections outlined below:

  • Moving violations and points in Nebraska
  • Penalties in Nebraska
  • How to fix a driving record in Nebraska
  • Disputing a moving violation charge in Nebraska

Moving Violations and Points in Nebraska

The state DMV abides by the rules of its Nebraska demerit point schedule when assessing traffic violation points after a conviction report. Note that you will also accrue moving violation points in NE even if you are convicted of a traffic offense outside of the state. The amount of drivers license points you accumulate for a specific violation varies based on the seriousness of the offense.

Review several infractions punishable under the Nebraska driver point system in the following list:

  • Driving with an expired license: 1 point.
  • Speeding 11 to 15 mph over the posted limit on a highway: 2 speeding ticket points.
  • Negligent driving: 3 points.
  • Driving in a careless manner: 4 careless driving points.
  • Operating a vehicle in a reckless manner: 5 reckless driving points in NE.
  • First driving under the influence (DUI) offense: 6 DUI points.

Note: When assigning demerit points for speeding in Nebraska, the department bases its point penalty on the driver’s velocity when he or she violated the law and the type of road where the offense took place.

Motorists who accumulate 12 moving violation points within any two-year period will incur an automatic driving license revocation for the duration of six months. If you accrue 12 or more NE penalty points for the second time within five years of the first incident, you will lose your driving privileges for three years. Certain offenses, such as motor vehicle homicide and third DUI violations, result in 12-point penalties and immediate credential revocations.

Penalties in Nebraska

Traffic offenses are sanctioned with traffic violation penalties in Nebraska by both the state DMV and the court that is processing the ticket. The severity of the traffic ticket penalty varies depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

Generally, traffic tickets result in a specific fine regardless of the type and severity of the offense. However, additional NE traffic violation penalties may also apply for certain more serious offenses.

For instance, in addition to the administrative DUI penalties issued as a result of driving under the influence offenses, the following court-imposed penalties will be issued as well:

  • A jail sentence of a specific duration.
  • A steep NE traffic ticket penalty fine.
  • A license revocation of a longer duration.

Note: Harsher drunk driving penalties, which include longer jail sentences, larger fines and longer credential revocations, apply to repeat offenders. The amount of points you accumulate on your driver’s record may also increase in such circumstances.

How to Fix a Driving Record in Nebraska

An effective method to clean your driving record in Nebraska is to graduate from a defensive driving course. Drivers who enroll in a driver improvement course in NE can reduce up to two demerit points reported on their records within the previous two years.

The DMV will reduce your total demerit point count by one if you have only one active point at the moment the traffic school reports your course completion.

Note that the option to reduce license points in NE by completing a driving safety course can only be utilized once within any five-year period. Also, you cannot utilize this option if you have 12 or more driving points on your record.

Note: Certain courts allow drivers to avoid the accumulation of points on licenses in NE by enrolling in the state Safety Training Option Program (STOP). Only impending convictions of minor traffic violations can be dismissed via this method.

Disputing a Moving Violation Charge in Nebraska

Fighting a speeding ticket in Nebraska or another type of citation is a process that can be initiated by submitting a plea of “not guilty” to the court that is processing your traffic ticket. The methods available to initiate the procedure to dispute a speeding ticket or another type of citation may vary based on the presiding court and the type of ticket you were issued.

The steps in the process to fight a traffic ticket in NE may also vary for the same reasons outlined above. For example, drivers may be able to settle certain types of tickets by reaching a plea agreement with the prosecutor during a pretrial conference. If you are dissatisfied with the severity of the traffic violation penalties offered by the state prosecutor, you can appear at court on the scheduled trial date and present your case.

Once the judge hears your testimony and accepts any evidence that supports your case, he or she will render a decision. Drivers who fail to successfully contest traffic tickets in Nebraska will be sentenced appropriately, and the conviction will be added to their driving transcripts.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.