Unlike most other states, Wyoming is yet to implement a formal point system for driving violations and traffic laws. The Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) does not associate points with violations and instead suspends your license for 90 days once you commit four moving violations in a 12 month period.


Wyoming suspends licenses as follows:

Four moving violations in 12 months:License suspension for 90 days

Each additional violation in the same 12 months:Additional suspension for 90 days

The period of 12 months start after you receive your first violation.

Violations other than speeding involve higher fines. For example, your first case of reckless driving and your first offense of driving without insurance both mean a $750 fine, as is avoiding a police officer, with a possible 90 days in jail.


You will be subject to specific penalties according to the number of violations you accumulate in a 12 month period:

  1. For the first suspension, you incur a $200 fine.
  2. For the second suspension, the fine can be as much as $300 and 30 days of imprisonment.
  3. For the third suspension, the fine goes up to $500 and jail penalties go up to six months.
  4. Speeding in Wyoming is penalized according to how many miles above the posted limit you are driving. There is a $5 fine for every mile up to five miles above the limit. After five miles, it becomes $25 and $3 for every mile above the limit. If you are, however, speeding on Wyoming’s Interstate above 80 mph, where the speed limit is 75 mph, the speed laws are unclear and the penalty could be $100 in fine and face time with a judge.
  5. For major offences such as reckless driving, driving without insurance, eluding police officer the penalties are higher at $750. Leaving the accident scene can run you the risk of being imprisoned apart from having your license revoked. Transporting alcohol to a minor is liable to suspend your license for a year and driving under the influence of alcohol or any narcotics will lead to immediate suspension.
  6. Accumulating points on your driving license is also likely to increase your auto insurance rates. See our auto insurance section for more information about obtaining quality car insurance at competitive rates.


If you believe you have been incorrectly charged with committing a moving violation, you may be able to fight the charge in court. See Traffic Tickets and Traffic Ticket Attorneys for more information.


Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.