A Wyoming car registration renewal application may be submitted online, by mail or in person at a County Treasurer’s office. Not all counties offer online renewals and only certain offices allows applications to be sent by mail. All state requirements must be met before a new registration can be issued.

A DMV registration renewal online may incur additional convenience fees. Renewal fees are based on the vehicle’s age and may include local taxes. In all cases, an expired vehicle registration cannot be used to operate a car on public roads. Failure to adhere to state laws may result in fines and penalties.

Requirements for Car Registration Renewal in Wyoming

A WY DMV car registration renewal application must be submitted annually. Residents must meet certain state requirements before renewing their vehicle registrations each year. In most cases, personal property tax must be paid in full before a car registration renewal can be issued. Furthermore, all vehicles must be insured to qualify. Not all vehicles are eligible for online renewals. Depending on the county, you may be restricted to renewing in person.

What do you need to renew your car registration in Wyoming?

Motor vehicle registration renewals expire on the last day of the month listed on the sticker. The state of Wyoming does not offer a grace period for expired car registrations. Therefore, you must renew your plates before the expiration date to avoid any penalties.

In most counties, you will need to submit your vehicle registration renewal notice or current registration to the WY DMV. However, if you do not have either, you may provide the vehicle’s license plate number instead. In addition, proof of insurance may be required by your county. DMV registration renewal fees must be made in full at the time of renewal. Payment methods vary between counties.

Wyoming Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

Vehicle registration renewal notices are sent to residents prior to the expiration date. The notice has information regarding your vehicle, renewal options and the car registration renewal cost.

Wyoming Car Registration Renewal Notice Lost or Not Received

A lost registration renewal notice does not require replacing. In most counties, you may use your current registration card or license plate number to complete the renewal. The notice acts reminder of your renewal. Therefore, it is your responsibility to renew your registration before the expiration date.

Wyoming Car Registration Renewal Options

Depending on the county, you may be able to renew car registration decals online, by mail or in person at a local County Treasurer’s office. You can search for a local office through the state’s DMV website. In most cases, a county’s online system can only be used to renew vehicles registered in that county.

How to Renew Car Registration Online

Not all counties allow residents to submit a vehicle registration renewal online. However, if your county offers online services, you may apply and pay for your new stickers immediately. Depending on the county, you may be required to enter a PIN to access the renewal portal. Follow the below step to renew a registration online.

  1. Enter your car registration renewal PIN, if applicable. The PIN can be located on your renewal notice.
  2. Enter your license plate number and other information regarding your vehicle, if prompted.
  3. Enter information regarding your insurance, if applicable.
  4. Enter your personal information, such as full name and address, if prompted.
  5. Pay the DMV registration renewal fee. Acceptable forms of payment differ between counties.

After you have paid the auto registration renewal fee, you will be sent new decals in the mail. Mailing times may differ between counties.

How to Renew Car Registration Cards by Mail

If you are renewing by mail, you must send the completed vehicle registration renewal notice with payment to the address listed on the form. Acceptable payment methods vary between counties. You must complete the insurance section on the notice form before returning it to the DMV.

Where to Renew Car Registration Cards in Person

A car registration renewal may be submitted in person at your local County Treasurer’s office. Bring the following items with you to renew your stickers.

  • Your vehicle registration renewal notice or current registration card, if applicable.
  • The license plate number for the vehicle. This may be used in lieu of a notice or current registration card.
  • Proof of liability insurance for the vehicle.
  • Payment for the renewal.

Once you have submitted the WY DMV car registration renewal application, you will be issued with new stickers for your vehicle.

Military & Out of State Vehicle Registration Renewal in Wyoming

Absent military members or out-of-state residents may renew car registration decals online or contact their local County Treasurer’s office more details on how to renew. In some cases, veterans are exempt from paying property tax, which is a requirement for registration renewals.

Applicants must submit proof of their veteran status to qualify. Similarly, if you are an out-of-state resident temporarily living in Wyoming, you may be eligible for a 30, 60 or 90-day permit. Permit allows out-of-state residents to live and operate vehicles in Wyoming without applying for a registration.

Wyoming DMV Registration Renewal Fees

DMV registration renewal fees are based on the type, age and cost of the vehicle. Fees vary between counties and may include additional local taxes. In most cases, the DMV registration renewal fee is comprised of the following items.

  • County Fee. The county fee is calculated using the factory cost of the vehicle and the years it has been in service. Applicants can calculate their renewal fee online.
  • State Fee. A renewal fee of $30 is applied to passenger vehicles and $25 for motorcycles.
Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.