Changing your car registration address in Wyoming is a procedure that can be completed through the county treasurer’s office in the vehicle owner’s county of residence. The address change on a car registration cannot be completed directly through the state Department of Transportation (DOT), since the state DOT delegates all vehicle registration-related matters to individual county treasurers.

Therefore, in order to complete the update, vehicle owners may be required to follow slightly different steps, depending on their county of residence. Get more information on the steps for completing this car registration transaction by reading the sections outlined below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Wyoming Car Registration

The procedure to update a car registration address in Wyoming must be completed on each occasion the vehicle owner moves to another residence within the state. You will be required to finalize the transaction as soon as possible, since your county treasurer often sends important correspondences to your address on file.

Note that you will also technically update your vehicle registration address in WY in the event that you move from another state and you transfer your out-of-state registration documents. If your county treasurer issues you a registration card with typographical errors, you will have to complete the corresponding address change and registration card replacement procedures as well.

Wyoming Address Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

Vehicle owners must complete the address change within a certain time period after their move in order to avoid any potential consequences. For instance, a possible result of failing to update an auto registration address is forgetting to renew your registration, which can lead to receiving a traffic citation for operating a motor vehicle with an outdated record.

If you fail to complete the change, you may miss your car registration renewal date, since your county treasurer will send your renewal notice to the wrong address. Although the renewal registration reminder is simply intended as a courtesy and you are expected to renew your registration whether or not you receive one, many drivers count on the reminder arriving in the mail. If you are one such driver, forgetting to update your information may result in a butterfly effect that eventually leaves you without a valid vehicle registration.

How to Change Your Address on Your Wyoming Car Registration

The methods available to request an address change will vary depending on the vehicle owner’s county of residence. The standard method of changing a car registration address will require the motorist to visit his or her county treasurer’s office and submit the address change request in person. In such cases, the car owner may also be asked to submit proof of residence and present an official form of identification, such as a driver’s license or an ID card.

A select number of county treasurers may also allow you to change your car registration address in WY via other methods, such as by phone or by mail. The option to complete the change is not currently available on a state-wide level, and it may only be offered in a limited number of counties. To get the exact details of the process to update a vehicle registration address, and to review the application methods available in your location, contact your county treasurer.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Wyoming

The process to update the information on your car registration may also be completed when renewing your current license plates under certain circumstances. For instance, the option to change your vehicle registration address and renew your tags can be utilized only if you are within your renewal period and you use a specific method of application. While a select number of county treasurers offer an online registration renewal option, submitting an address change via the same service may be not be possible.

Therefore, the common method of changing your car registration address in WY and renewing your tags at the same time will require you to visit your county treasurer in person. During your office visit, you will first be required to present your new address before completing the standard car registration renewal steps.

As soon as your address change on auto registration request is processed, you will be asked to submit the standard items for renewal of your tags, such as your renewal card, proof of vehicle insurance and the applicable fee payment. You will receive your renewed registration card displaying your new address by mail within several days.

Wyoming DMV Address Change Fees

When completing the Wyoming address change on a car registration, applicants may be required to pay a fee to their county treasurer only under certain circumstances. For instance, if you change any of your information and obtain a duplicate registration certificate, you may be required to pay a nominal fee, depending on the practices of your county treasurer.

If you complete the process of changing car registration address in WY when renewing your license plates, on the other hand, you will be required to pay the standard registration renewal costs. The registration fees vary from county to county.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.