Vehicle owners may change car registration addresses in Washington by performing a procedure through the state Department of Licensing (DOL). This process of updating registration information may be performed when residents move from one residential address to a another one within the state.

Additionally, new residents may also complete this procedure when they move from an out-of-state address to a new one in Washington. Address changes to vehicle registration documents is a procedure that must be performed within the time frame established by the DOL. Any vehicle owners who are wondering how to change car registration address in Washington should read the sections below for more information about this process.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Washington Car Registration

Changing a car registration address in Washington is a procedure that must be performed by vehicle owners who have recently changed their place of residence. Motorists must update registration records with their new mailing or residential address upon their move, regardless of whether they move within the state or from another state of residence to Washington.

Individuals must makes these changes to these records to ensure that they receive important notices from the DMV, such as replacement registration credentials or correspondence regarding license renewal. Vehicle owners need to learn the instances when they need to update vehicle registration addresses in Washington prior to moving to a new residential address within the state.

Washington Address Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

The process of an address change on auto registration in Washington must be completed by vehicle owners within a certain period of time. The WA DOL usually requires individuals to change their car registration addresses within few days and up to several weeks after the move. The DOL requires motorists to make address changes to a driver’s license within 10 days of the move, so this is the best time to update registration records.

Drivers are encouraged to update vehicle registration address immediately when they move to a new home in order to avoid facing certain penalties. Forgetting to perform an address change on car registration may prevent you from receiving a vehicle registration renewal notice and missing the expiration date. Therefore, vehicle owners are most strongly encouraged to learn about address update methods for all DOL documents, especially the vehicle registration documents.

How to Change Your Address on Your Washington Car Registration Online

Vehicle owners may perform an online address change on car registration in Washington by utilizing the online service offered through the WA DOL website. In order to begin the procedure of updating address information online for registration records, motorists need to prepare the following information:

  • The car’s license plate number
  • The last four digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN)

The online service for address update on auto registration is available only to vehicle registered owners whose vehicles are registered in Washington. Additionally, drivers may update more than one car registration at a time, if necessary.

How to Change Your Address on Your Washington Car Registration in Person

Updating a vehicle registration address is a procedure that may be also performed in person at a local WA DOL branch, especially when drivers want to obtain a new car registration card. The online service may serve for an address update on car registration, but it cannot issue duplicate credentials.

Therefore, vehicle owners who want to change vehicle registration address and get a replacement credential are recommended to go to the WA DOL and perform the procedure in person. Alternately, motorists may request replacement registration by mail.

Washington motorists can also order an updated title if desired. Drivers do not have to replace all registration documents unless desired. When renewing registration, Washington motorists will received updated registration documents.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Washington

Motorists who want to perform an address change on car registration in Washington should to understand the differences between an address change procedure and a vehicle registration renewal process. Vehicle owners need to make changes to registration address information after they move to another residential address.

However, if they are planning to perform a procedure of address change on car registration when approaching the expiration date of their credential, they may choose to update and renew the registration card at the same time. Therefore, prior to changing an auto registration address in Washington, vehicle owners may check the expiration date of their credentials and decide to renew them when they are about to expire.

Washington DMV Address Change Fees

A process of changing car registration address in Washington is finalized when vehicle owners complete the final step to provide payment for the applicable fees. The fees for an address change on vehicle registration may vary based on whether applicants want to simply update their DOL records or get duplicate credentials at the same time. For instance, motorists who are updating auto registration addresses and replacing their credentials may be required to pay certain fees for the duplicate.

However, vehicle owners may change car registration address without applying for a duplicate registration card, thus avoiding paying any fees. The fee for a duplicate registration is $10.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.