A Washington state ID is available to state residents in all age groups. This type of photo ID card is helpful for Washingtonians who are too young to drive, as well as senior citizens who have retired from driving. As an official government-issued ID document, holders of ID cards can use them to enter age-restricted venues, obtain public records and perform other tasks requiring verified ID.

Although a WA identification card provides the same identification benefits of a drivers license, it cannot provide driving privileges. The Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) requires all ID applicants to meet the same identification requirements as driver’s license applicants. The Washington DOL uses facial recognition technology to verify and protect your identity. To learn more about how to get a non-driver ID in WA, review the sections below.

Washington DMV ID Requirements

ID card requirements in Washington are easy for most applicants to meet. DMV ID card requirements involve providing the correct documents listed below, and being a Washington state resident. There are no age requirements or legal presence requirements to obtain a state ID from the Washington DOL. Parents may obtain an ID or EID for their children, but the children must appear with their parents at the driver license office.

What do you need to get an ID in Washington?

What do you need to get a state ID in Washington? The documents needed for state ID are basic forms you may already have on hand. The DOL will use them to verify your age, identity and Washington address.

In addition to the documents listed below, to get a DMV ID card, you must provide a valid Social Security Number, which will be verified with the Social Security Administration. If you do not have an SSN, you must sign a declaration stating so. As you prepare your application materials, consider the below ID card requirements:

  • When applying for a general ID card your options are as follows:
    • You may show one stand-alone document
    • Two A-list documents
    • One A-list document and two B-list documents
    • Four B-list documents (one of the four must establish name and date of birth)
  • For applicants 25 years and older, you do one of the following:
    • Meet the general identification card requirements listed above
    • Bring a parent/guardian to attest for your identity. Your parent/guardian must show ALL of the following before attestation:
      • Identity proof with one stand-alone document
      • Proof of being your parents/guardians, via a birth certificate, adoption papers or a school transcript bearing their name(s)
      • If your last names are different, the parent/guardian must show a marriage certificate, divorce decree or another document
    • Provide one A-list document, or one B-list document establishing your name and date of birth, such as a birth certificate or adoption papers
  • State ID card applicants 18 years or older with assigned court guardians (may be due physical or mental limitations) must do as follows:
    • Appear in person at the driver license office with your guardian and showing all the following:
      • One stand-alone document to prove your guardian’s identity
      • A court decree proving guardianship
      • One A-List document or one B-List document that establishes your name and date of birth (a birth certificate or adoption papers)
  • Applicants enrolled in Job Corps must provide the following:
    • Your Job Corps ID card
    • One B-List document that establishes your name and date of birth (birth certificate or adoption papers)

As indicated, the identity documents required for state ID in WA are organized into different categories. Note that these are not exhaustive lists. The DOL can provide a complete list of acceptable documents in all categories. All documents must be originals or certified copies, and cannot be scanned, photocopied or photographed images. The categories are defined below:

  • Stand-alone documents:
    • A valid U.S. military ID
    • A refugee verification packet
    • A U.S. Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization with current photo
    • A valid U.S. passport or passport card
    • A U.S. state- or territory-issued driver license, ID card or instruction permit, valid or not expired more than one year
  • A-list documents:
    • A U.S. Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization with not-readily-identifiable photo
    • An expired U.S. passport or passport card (expired less than one year)
    • A valid U.S. visa
    • A U.S. state- or territory-issued driver license, ID card or instruction permit, expired between one and six years
    • Various ID documents from countries including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru and Japan
  • B-list documents:
    • Adoption papers
    • A certified U.S. or foreign birth certificate
    • A concealed weapons permit
    • A Consular Report of Birth Abroad
    • A foreign driver license or ID card, not expired more than six years
  • Washington proof of residency documents:
    • A previously issued WA ID card, license or permit (or your spouse’s), not expired more than six years
    • A U.S. Postal Service change of address form dated within two months
    • Home utility bills
    • A Washington voter registration card
    • Mortgage statement or lease agreement
    • Tax forms

You must also pay your DMV ID card fee when you file your application. The Washington DOL accepts checks and money orders at all locations, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards at most locations. Note that some offices add a surcharge to credit card payments.

How to Get an ID in Washington

If you are wondering where to get state ID in Washington, go to your nearest driver license office. You cannot get ID online in Washington. However, you may be able to enter some of your information ahead of time, by pre-applying online. State residents who have never had a Washington ID card, driver license, instruction permit or enhanced ID can begin an application online. After answering the questions, you will receive a confirmation number to provide when you visit the driver license office.

When you apply for ID at the driver license office, bring all supporting documentation from the lists above. Use the tips below if you are applying for an Enhanced ID card, or EID. You will pay the fee, then have your photo taken. You will receive a temporary ID document, and your permanent ID card will arrive within 10 days. Keep in mind that EIDs take longer to process. In fact, it may be three weeks before your EID arrives by mail.

Washington Enhanced ID Cards

An Enhanced ID Card (EID) allows its holders to travel by land and sea at border crossings between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. An EID card is available to WA residents of any age, but you must be a U.S. citizen to receive one. Only certain DOL driver license offices are able to issue the EID.

When requesting an Enhanced state ID, document options for proving citizenship include a valid U.S. passport, a birth certificate with raised seal or a Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization. As with all other documents, these must be originals or certified copies that have not been altered in any way.

REAL ID Cards in Washington

A REAL ID card fulfills the security standards set by the REAL ID Act of 2005. All Washington ID cards and driver licenses are now automatically issued as REAL ID-compliant documents. If you have been thinking that you should apply for REAL ID, getting any WA ID document, including an Enhanced ID, will meet that need.

Starting on October 1, 2020, you must have a REAL ID document to enter federal facilities or nuclear power plants, and to board domestic flights. Your WA ID card features the gold star that indicates a REAL ID document.

How to Renew or Replace a State ID in Washington

If you must replace a lost ID card or get an ID renewal, you can do so in person, at your local driver license office. If you have not requested an online replacement ID card in the past 12 months, you may be able to request your renewal online.

When applying for an ID renewal or duplicate, if your name, address or physical appearance has changed, you must provide new documentation to update your account. This will include having a new photo taken, therefore these transactions must happen at a driver license office.

DMV ID Costs in Washington

How much does an ID cost in Washington? The DMV ID cost varies, according to what type of credential you plan to purchase. A standard WA ID card is $54 for six years, while an enhanced ID card is $78 for six years. If you want to upgrade your Washington state ID to an EID, you will pay $4 per year for the time remaining on your current credential. This will range from $4 to $24.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.