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Washington Cross-State Transfer of Title

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If you are moving to another state, you will probably need to transfer the title of your car. It is the same if you are selling/buying a car to an individual in another state.See our transfer of ownership page if you are looking for more information regarding same state title transfers to another individual.

The cross state title transfer process differs in each state. Fill out the form above to find a guide for Washington title transfers.

For state to state title transfers to yourself, you will need to prove your residency in Washington. If you are uncertain whether you will be living in Washington for an extended period of time, you may still have to perform a title transfer. Employment, housing arrangements, driver's license changes, and schooling, are all indicators for permanent residency status. If you are travelling or caring for a sick relative you are typically not considered as a resident and therefore are probably not required to transfer your title to Washington.

If you are looking to do a state-to-state title transfer, where ownership is transferred as well, i.e. you are selling or purchasing a vehicle to or from another person in a different state, then the process is similar to a title transfer to yourself, but you will need to coordinate with the other individual throughout the process.

Rules vary depending on vehicle type, license status, and location within Washington. If you would like a customized guide, we recommend They are a reputable, professional service with major clients across the Country. They offer a comprehensive step-by-step process for transferring titles in the state of Washington, and tailor their products specific to your situation. All the forms necessary to undergo a title transfer are included in the guide.

The title transfer process can be complicated if you are doing it by yourself. A number of questions need to be solved before you can begin the transfer. For example, does your car require emission standard testing? A VIN check? Do you know if your auto insurance meets the minimum requirements in Washington? These requirements may or may not be necessary depending on your type and location of transfer.

In Washington, in most situations, the DMV requires notice within 30 days. It is recommended you act as quickly as possible to start completing the necessary forms (there can be quite a few of them sometimes).