Individuals may be required to apply for a motorcycle license in Washington in order to be able to ride their motorcycles on public roads within the state, depending on the type of motorbike. Motorcycle drivers license applicants may obtain either a motorcycle learners permit or an endorsement issued from the Washington Department of Licensing (WA DOL). As the WA DOL does not offer a specialized full bike license, motorists must first hold a standard WA driver’s license in order to obtain an endorsement. Riders need a valid endorsement in WA for almost all types of motorcycles, except for certain two-wheel scooters or motorcycles. The learners permit is issued to novice riders who would like to learn the basics of riding before holding the appropriate endorsement. Motorcyclists are also required to complete state-approved motorcycle safety courses and drivers tests before issuance of a motorbike license. To discover more details about obtaining a driving license, motorists can continue reading the sections below.

Motorcycle License Requirements in Washington

To obtain a motorcycle endorsement in Washington, you must pass a written knowledge exam along with a practical driving test. The tests can be taken either through a motorcycle training school or a state-approved motorcycle safety course. Either way, you will not be eligible for a Class M endorsement if you do not pass the tests. Another eligibility requirement for getting your motorcycle license in WA is to have a valid driver’s license to which you will attach the endorsement. In order to receive a Washington endorsement, riders younger than 18 years of age are required to pass a special safety rider course and supply parental permission for taking the courses.

Note: Motorists who hold an out-of-state motorcycle endorsement may be able to transfer it by surrendering it to the WA DOL along with payment for the applicable fees. To complete this procedure, however, individuals will first need to obtain new WA drivers licenses. New residents who fail to transfer their out-of-state endorsement to Washington will be required to take the necessary written and practical tests in order to obtain a license.

Washington Motorcycle License Training Courses

Prior to receiving a motorcycle endorsement in WA, riders can take a motorcycle safety course intended for those who would like to learn the basics of operating a motorcycle. Besides safety riding practices and road behavior, license holders will also learn all about riding a motorbike and take a final written test and a practical skills exam at the end of the course. The information you need to know for the written test can be found in the motorcycle manual. One of the requirements for obtaining an endorsement in Washington is to complete a state-approved motorcycle safety course.

Washington Motorcycle License Tests

Part of the Washington motorcycle license requirements is to take and pass the mandatory examinations that are set by the WA DOL. Motorists who want to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or permit are required to take a motorcycle knowledge exam and a riding skills test. In order to receive a learners permit or to get an endorsement without completing a training course, applicants must first pass a knowledge test. After taking the knowledge test for a license, motorists are required to either take a skills test, or pass the riding skills test that is included in the motorcycle safety training course. The kind of DMV motorcycle license you obtain depends on the motorcycle, as the Washington Department of Licensing issues endorsements/permits for two-wheel and three-wheel motorcycles. To discover more information about the mandatory examinations for an endorsement or license, contact the WA DOL.

The Washington Motorcycle License Application Process

Applications for motorcycle endorsement in Washington are submitted to a local WA DOL office in person. Riders can get a Class M endorsement for a two-wheel motorcycle either by completing a state-approved motorcycle safety course or by passing written knowledge and practical driving tests. If applicants decide to take a safety course for a motorcycle license, they will still need to pass riding skills and knowledge tests as part of the program. Once the course is completed, riders will have to present a certificate of completion to a WA DOL office within 180 days. Motorists must first pass the knowledge test and obtain a motorcycle learners permit, if they decide to take the tests with an approved motorcycle training school. Then motorcycle license applicants must bring the score sheets from the knowledge test and from the practical driving test to the DOL office. Each sheet must be submitted within 180 days from the day when it was received. To learn more information about how to get a license in Washington, contact the WA DOL. Drivers may be able to pre-apply for a license online when they fill out the application for their standard driving license, although this option will vary. When applying for a license, drivers must make sure to apply for a standard license or already have a valid driving license.

Washington Motorcycle License Fees

Submitting a payment for the applicable motorcycle license cost in Washington is the final step of the application process. An initial issuance of a motorcycle learners permit costs $15 for 90 days. An endorsement on a license costs $15 for the application and $2 annually for the remaining license validity. Note that along with the license cost for issuance, applicants must also pay for the knowledge and driving tests or a motorcycle safety course. The test fees vary by location and are typically determined by the motorcycle training school in which the rider is enrolled. Washington applicants need to remember that if they fail any of the tests, they will need to retake them and pay the fees again. Drivers who renew driver’s license credentials with an endorsement must pay $54 for the standard license and $30 for the endorsement, for a total of $84.

Last updated on Thursday, January 17 2019.

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