Guide to applying for a NJ motorcycle license. Required ID, age limits, drivers ed, fees, driving restrictions, etc

You can apply for a motorcycle permit and license at any MVC office in New Jersey. In order to apply for a motorcycle license you must first apply for a motorcycle permit.

New Applicants

When applying for a motorcycle permit, you must be 17 years of age or older. Listed below are the requirements to obtain a permit:

  1. Complete a motorcycle permit application from a MVC office.
  2. Pass the 6 Point ID Verification.
  3. Pay the $5 fee. Most credit cards, checks, money orders and cash are accepted.
  4. Pass the knowledge test. Study both the Motorcycle Manual and the driver manual. See practice tests for more information on the written exam.
  5. Pass the vision test.

Motorcycle Permit

Once you complete the aforementioned prerequisites, you will be given a motorcycle permit. This permit will allow you to practice driving a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Permit Restrictions

You must ride at all times under the guidance of a licensed operator.

Applying for a Motorcycle License

Instead of taking the road test you can take the Motorcycle Safety Education Program and bring your certificate to the Driver Testing Center. Otherwise, you can:

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Driver Testing Center and be sure to bring a registered, insured motorcycle to take the road test.
  2. On passing the test, take your permit, ride slip and score sheet to a MVC office to receive your license.
  3. Pay the $24 fee.


There is a $5 application fee for your permit and a $24 fee for your license. If the application expires, some steps to acquiring the permit or license may have to be repeated.

Additional Information

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