A motorcycle license replacement in New Jersey is a mandatory process for individuals who are faced with a lost, stolen or destroyed riding credential. Riders must replace a motorcycle license in order to continue riding legally in the state. The process is done in compliance with the rules and procedures set by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC). Furthermore, drivers must appear personally at a nearby NJ MVC location, and present the required documentation. Out-of-state residents can also request a replacement license, only if they meet the eligibility requirements.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in New Jersey?

Dealing with a lost motorcycle license will mandate riders to replace their credentials with new ones from the NJ MVC. Moreover, a request for a replacement license should be completed when riders suspect that their credentials have been stolen or destroyed. To replace their license in such situations, riders need to prepare certain documentation and pay the applicable fees. For more information about the New Jersey motorcycle license replacement process, contact the NJ MVC and discover specific details.

How to Replace a New Jersey Motorcycle License in Person

Motorists need to visit a local NJ MVC branch in person and obtain a duplicate credential. A stolen, destroyed or lost motorcycle license may be replaced only by preparing certain documentation and paying a set fee to the NJ MVC. Therefore, a motorcycle license replacement procedure may be performed by doing the following:

  • Provide six points of ID.
  • Provide proof of address.
  • Complete a form BA-208 for driver’s license.
  • Submit a payment for the applicable replacement fees.

When replacing motorcycle licenses in NJ, the most important part of the procedure is to provide proof of identity by passing a six-point ID verification process. The NJ MVC implements this verification process in order to prevent identity theft and to verify that the individual has proper legal documents. Therefore, riders are encouraged to prepare the necessary information for the in-person visit, as well as get ready to receive special document requests from other state agencies.

Motorists who are replacing their stolen or lost motorcycle licenses in NJ may be also required to have their photo taken at the NJ MVC. The MVC must capture the rider’s full face, therefore the individual’s head cannot be covered or hidden. If you have any medical or religious reasons for covering your head, contact the NJ MVC beforehand and inquire more details about your specific situation.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in New Jersey

Motorists may also replace motorcycle licenses in New Jersey in situations when they currently residing out of the state or serving in the military. However, in order to complete a request via mail, riders need to first satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a New Jersey licensee with riding privileges.
  • Be out of the tri-state area for an extended period of time.
  • Have a New Jersey digital driver’s license.
  • Hold a lost New Jersey license for no more than three years.
  • Do not hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) Class A, B or C.
  • Be US citizens and do not hold a temporary visa status.

Riders may continue with the process of replacing motorcycle licenses after satisfying the above-listed eligibility criteria. To replace motorcycle license by mail, motorists will be required to write a letter providing an explanation on why they are unable to personally visit the NJ MVC office along with the return date to the state. In addition to this letter, riders who want to obtain a duplicate of their stolen or lost motorcycle license will have to provide a completed driver’s license application form BA-208), six points of identification, proof of permanent address, out-of-state address and a check or money order for the applicable fees. Once the documents are prepared, riders need to send them to the NJ MVC mailing address.

How to Report a Lost Motorcycle License in New Jersey

In the case of a stolen or lost motorcycle license in New Jersey, individuals are encouraged to report their lost or stolen credentials to a law enforcement agency. Before applying for a motorcycle license replacement, riders are encouraged to visit a local police station and file a report with the proper authorities. NJ motorists may also obtain a copy of the report and present it at your local MVC branch thereafter.

New Jersey Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

The final step for replacing a license is to provide payment for the applicable fees. The NJ MVC currently requires a payment for the mandatory motorcycle license replacement fee of $11 and it accepts credit or debit cards, checks, money orders and cash. However, motorists need to be aware of the fact that fees are subject to constant change. Therefore, prior to paying a replacement fee for a stolen or lost motorcycle license in New Jersey, riders may contact the NJ MVC for an exact information about the fees that must be paid.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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