Drivers must replace their motorcycle license in NJ immediately if it becomes lost, stolen or damaged. Operating a motorbike without a valid license is illegal, and anyone who does not request a duplicate motorcycle license may face fines and penalties. In the state, the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission (MVC) also issues a motorcycle license endorsement on a person’s existing driver’s license. It is vital for anyone with a motorbike endorsement on their license to request a duplicate because they will not be able to operate any vehicle legally without the card.

When requesting a motorcycle license replacement, applicants should also file a police report if their license was stolen. Reporting the license stolen can help prevent it from being used for identity theft or other fraudulent purposes.

Applicants must request their replacement in person at an MVC office. The MVC makes special provisions for anyone out of the state for an extended time to request a replacement by mail. Keep reading for valuable information on how to apply for a duplicate motorcycle license in the state of NJ.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in New Jersey?

Riders must replace a stolen, damaged or lost motorcycle license in NJ right away if they wish to ride legally. In the state, operating a motorbike without a license is illegal, and anyone who knowingly rides without the appropriate credentials could face fines and penalties.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission issues motorcycle license privileges as either an endorsement on a person’s existing drivers license or as a separate document. It is important to note that anyone with the motorcycle endorsement on their license must also replace their license immediately because they will be unable to operate any vehicle legally without the paperwork.

Documents Required to Replace a Motorcycle License in NJ

In NJ, motorcycle license replacement documents are required when ordering a duplicate license. Anyone who wishes to apply for a replacement must submit proof of their identity. Riders may prove their identity by submitting at least one of the approved “primary documents” or at least two of the approved “secondary documents.”

When ordering a replacement license, approved primary documents include:

  • A U.S. certified birth certificate
  • A valid U.S. passport
  • A foreign passport
  • Refugee travel documents
  • An employment authorization card

Secondary documents approved by the NJ MVC include:

  • A marriage license
  • A court order for a legal name change
  • U.S. military discharge papers
  • Social Security Card
  • Bank statements

How to Replace a New Jersey Motorcycle License in Person

Drivers can only replace their motorcycle license in NJ by visiting an MVC office. If the original endorsement was included on their driver’s license, the applicant must submit form BA-208. If the initial endorsement was associated with a non-driver ID, the applicant must instead submit form BA-207.

The New Jersey MVC requires anyone requesting a duplicate license to take a new photo for their license. Anyone with a religious need to wear head covering must notify the MVC staff at the time of the application.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in NJ

Anyone out of the tri-state area for an extended period may apply for a duplicate motorcycle license by mail by submitting application BA208-NJ MVC “Application for Driver License.” The application is not available online, and applicants must contact the New Jersey MVC directly for a copy of the application.

Only those applicants with a New Jersey digital driver license are eligible to request a duplicate license by mail while out of state. Additionally, they may only do so if their license has been lost for no more than three years.

Applicants must submit a letter explaining why they are unable to visit an MVC office to replace their motorcycle license and when they expect to return to the state. Anyone using this method must also submit six points of identification using a combination of primary and secondary documents as noted above.

In any case, applicants must also show proof of permanent address as well as their out-of-state address. The MVC will not mail the replacement to a New Jersey address. Moreover, applicants must include the processing fee in the form of a check or money order when sending their application.

How to Report a Lost Motorcycle License in NJ

Applicants requesting a New Jersey motorcycle license replacement must file a police report if their license has been stolen. Also, these individuals must notify the New Jersey MVC tip line at 1-866-TIPS-MVC (1-866-847-7682) to report their license as stolen. Reporting the document stolen can help minimize the chances of anyone using the license for identity theft or other fraudulent purposes.

New Jersey Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

Drivers must pay an NJ motorcycle license replacement fee when requesting a duplicate license. The cost is $11 and is due when applying. Payment must be made in the form of a check, money order or major credit card.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.