Completing the Mississippi motorcycle license replacement process is a mandatory step in situations where the rider loses possessions of his or her motorcycle credential. Failure fulfill the request in time may lead to certain fines and penalties, such as traffic tickets for riding a motorbike without a valid license. Note that the process of replacing motorcycle license in MS follows the same steps as those that apply when replacing a standard driving license, since the state Department of Public Safety (DPS) adds riding privileges in the form of motorcycle endorsements to existing licenses to drive. The state DPS offers several methods to replace a motorcycle license, such as online and in person. Certain groups of riders may also be able to replace their credential by mail.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Mississippi?

Replacing your motorcycle license in Mississippi is a procedure that must be completed if you lose your bike license or have it stolen. However, in addition to replacing a lost motorcycle license, you will be required to replace a damaged credential as well, since operating your motorbike with an illegible license is against the law. You also have to replace your license if you have to make changes to the personal information printed on it. For instance, if you have legally changed your name, you are required to obtain a duplicate credential in your new name as soon as possible.

How to Replace a Mississippi Motorcycle License Online

To replace a motorcycle license in Mississippi in a fast and convenient manner, riders can submit an online request through the DPS Driver Self-Service Portal. However, in order to complete the request online, motorcyclists must ensure they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • They have an up-to-date photograph and address in the DPS database.
  • They have a valid motorcycle license without any suspensions on record.
  • They have an acceptable credit or debit card for payment purposes.
  • They are not making any changes to their name.

You will first be required to log onto the system by entering your personal information, such as your license number, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your full name and your date of birth. Once the system retrieves your file, you will be required to review and approve your license information before verifying your voter registration and organ donor status. In the last step of the online bike license replacement transaction, you will be required to pay the applicable licensing fee. Your duplicate credential will then be mailed to your address on file within two days.

How to Replace a Mississippi Motorcycle License by Mail

Replacing a motorcycle license in Mississippi by mail is an option that is only available to certain groups of riders, such as military members and college students temporarily residing outside of the state.  To complete the request by mail, you will be required to submit your request to the P.O. Box address of the corresponding DPS unit in Jackson. The application packet for an MS motorcycle license replacement must contain a letter stating the reason for applying for a replacement document and the corresponding fee payment in the form of check. Also, depending on whether you are applying as a member of the military or a college student, you will be required to submit different supporting documentation. While military members must furnish their military orders and a letter from their commanding officer, college students must submit a copy of their student ID and a notarized letter from their college. You will successfully replace your motorcycle license by mail once the state DPS receives your request in a self-addressed stamped envelope and authenticates the submitted paperwork. You will receive your new credential at your out-of-state address.

How to Replace a Mississippi Motorcycle License in Person

The option to replace motorcycle license in Mississippi through a driver’s license station is always available, regardless of whether or not you are eligible to complete the request via one of the above methods. When replacing a motorcycle license in person in MS, applicants will be required to present two primary proofs of identification or one primary and one secondary identification proof and pay the applicable fee in cash. Riders making changes to their personal information will also need to submit the corresponding document that supports the change. The state will issue the replacement license if and when it approves the submitted documents and fee payments.

Note: To obtain the full primary and secondary list of acceptable documents, contact the state DPS.

Mississippi Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

Paying the Mississippi motorcycle license replacement fee is one of the last steps in the process. The current cost is set at $11. However, since the state DPS adds its motorcycle license credentials as endorsements to existing licenses, riders may be required to pay the additional endorsement cost as well. The fees are also subject to change without notice. Therefore, prior to replacing your motorcycle license, contact the department to inquire about the cost that applies under your circumstances and the acceptable forms of payment.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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