Traffic citations in Mississippi are issued to drivers who have committed offenses while operating motor vehicles on public roads within the state. Once you receive a traffic ticket, you have several options to settle your citation. Either you can fight traffic ticket citations if you are innocent of the offense you are charged with, or you can pay the penalties by admitting your guilt. Find out more about your options by reading the sections below.

Fighting a Mississippi Ticket

Drivers can fight traffic tickets in Mississippi by pleading “not guilty” in front of a judge on or before the due date written on the citation. An MS traffic lawyer can assist you in proving your innocence and having your case dismissed. The judge will decide whether you are innocent or not.

If found not guilty, the traffic citation will be dismissed and you will not be required to pay any fines except those for the trial. Drivers will be required to pay traffic fines and additional fees, if they are found guilty of the offense they are charged with.

Paying a Mississippi Ticket

Drivers need to pay traffic fines in Mississippi when they decide not to dismiss the citation, or when they fight it but are still considered guilty of charge. Traffic violation payments may be submitted online, by mail or in person at the proper court.

The online payment process is the fastest and most convenient method for drivers who want to pay their fines prior to the due date of their tickets. Drivers wondering, “How and where do I pay my speeding ticket in Mississippi if I have a unique situation?” may contact the court associated with their violation.

Lost Tickets in Mississippi

Before contesting a traffic ticket in Mississippi, drivers must have their citations in their possession in order to know how to settle them. Losing your traffic ticket will require you to search the information written on it because without it, you will not be able to either fight it or pay the applicable fines.

The Mississippi Justice Court offers online traffic citation search by providing your full name, citation number, case number or driver’s license number. After obtaining your ticket information, you can either appeal or pay the fine amount.

Mississippi Fines and Penalties

Drivers may decide to pay driving tickets in Mississippi without pleading “not guilty”, or after failing to dismiss traffic citations in front of a judge. The MS traffic fines vary depending on the severity and the type of offense. For instance, drivers need to pay traffic fines from $75 for minor offenses such as seatbelt violation, up to $649.25 for major offenses such as improper or switched tags.

Points in Mississippi

Drivers who receive traffic tickets in Mississippi for committing driving-related offenses, do not add any demerit points on their MS driving records. This is so because Mississippi does not have an established point system.

However, drivers who commit traffic violations will have them added to their driving records, which may increase their car insurance rates. In addition, failure to pay traffic citations prior to the due date on the ticket may bring you penalties such as a driver’s license suspension.

How Tickets Affect a Mississippi Drivers License

Receiving traffic tickets in Mississippi may affect your driving privileges in various ways. For instance, traffic violations committed while operating a motor vehicle on public state roads will be written on your MS driving record. Accumulating traffic citations and offenses will lead to a driver’s license suspension or revocation.

A suspended driver’s license will be issued if you are a driver involved in an accident comprising property damage and bodily injury or death to a passenger, if you are a habitual offender and if you have frequently committed major offenses. Violations such as driving under the influence (DUI) will revoke your driving privileges for a period of one year.

Mississippi Car Insurance Fines and Violations

Drivers who commit too many traffic violations in Mississippi may face higher Mississippi car insurance premiums. Attending an MS traffic school may help lower your insurance rates. Drivers who have completed a defensive driving course become less of a liability to their car insurance companies and may get lower rates for their coverage.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.