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New drivers fail the written driving test on their first try.


You are 5 times more likely to pass the DMV test after taking our premium practice test.

A Mississippi DMV practice test is a helpful resource that you should consider using if you are studying for the state’s written knowledge or driving skills tests. As a potential test-taker, you may assume that using the state’s driver’s manual to study will be all you need to prepare for the upcoming exams. While this manual does include all the information you need to know about the state’s road laws and safe driving techniques, the concepts presented may seem complex, lengthy and confusing. A practice test, however, can help ensure you understand these concepts thoroughly. Taking the time to study is important before you attempt to take the test, but it is also crucial to have the proper resources that ensure you fully understand the topics that will be covered.

An MS DMV study guide is also an important study tool that you can use to prepare for your exams. By utilizing these additional resources, you can ensure that you pass your written exam on your first attempt. If you do not pass the exam, you cannot earn your learner’s permit or move on to taking the road test. Without the successful completion of these tests, you cannot attain your driver’s license and will not have driving privileges in the state. To find out more about how these tools can help you answer driving test questions on the exams correctly to earn your permit or license, review the following sections.

What are the benefits of taking a Mississippi DMV practice test?

If you use a Mississippi practice driving test when studying for your written exam, you are more likely to pass on your first attempt. Feeling more prepared and confident when taking the written exam can allow you to avoid the frustration and time commitment of taking the exam a second time. You are five times more likely to pass the written DMV test after using the premium practice test.

The MS permit test study guide offered by is another invaluable resource that makes studying easier and more successful. Seven out of 10 potential new drivers fail the written test on their first attempt. This may be due to a lack of preparation and the absence of the proper studying materials. Utilizing the practice test and study guide can ensure you have access to transparent information focused on the concepts you need to know.

What is included in’s Mississippi drivers license practice test?

The Mississippi permit practice test includes 50 multiple-choice and true or false questions that cover the topics you may encounter on the written test. There are several concepts you are questioned on throughout the practice test, including:

  • The first violation for reckless driving.
  • Driving on icy or hilly roads.
  • Identifying the meanings of road signs.
  • Approaching a roundabout.
  • Sharing the road with cyclists and pedestrians.

The DMV permit practice test offered by includes an answer key at the bottom of the test. You can complete all questions, then check the key to identify the topics you may need to study more.

Mississippi Drivers License Test Rules and Requirements

There are 30 DMV test questions in MS you must answer on the written exam. The test is administered on a computer and all are true or false or multiple-choice answers. You are required to correctly answer at least 24 of these questions to earn a score of 80 percent or higher to pass. If you do not obtain this score, you cannot be issued a learner’s permit and you will be required to re-take the written exam.

The drivers test study guide and practice test are helpful in ensuring you feel confident in the test format you will be presented with. If you need the test administered orally or in a different language, notify the office before you visit to ensure the computer system can accommodate your request.

You must hold your learner’s permit for at least one year before you can upgrade it to an Intermediate License. Then, you must be 16 and a half years of age and hold this type of license for at least 6 months before you can apply for a regular driver’s license.

You should review a Mississippi road signs test study guide and the driver’s manual again before you attempt to take the road test and earn your regular driver’s license. When you attend the road skills test, you must show the Department of Public Safety (DPS) examiner that you know how to operate your vehicle safely and while following all traffic laws.

Note: If you fail either test, you cannot re-take it on the same day. If you fail to pass an exam after three attempts, you must wait 30 days to take it again.

How to Pass a Driving Test in Mississippi

The MS permit test questions are designed to ensure you know the road laws and have the proper attitude towards safe driving to responsibly operate a motor vehicle in the state. The questions asked on the written exam relate to road signs, sharing the road with pedestrians and understanding pavement markings. When studying for the test, you should focus on topics that include:

  • Using your turn signals.
  • Making proper turns.
  • Staying in and changing lanes.
  • Crossing an intersection.
  • Handling a four-way stop.
  • Speed limits.
  • Driving at night or in bad weather conditions.
  • Keeping a safe braking distance.

When you are ready to obtain your license and complete the road test, you must apply the concepts you learned. The DPS examiner will ask you additional drivers license test questions while ensuring you know how to:

  • Properly inspect your vehicle before driving.
  • Back up.
  • Drive on the highway and in residential areas.
  • Stay calm and safe throughout the test.

What is included in’s Mississippi drivers test study guide?

The Mississippi learners permit study guide highlights the important concepts that you will need to apply when taking both the written exam and the road test. It takes the lengthy sections provided in the state’s driver’s manual and condenses them to ensure you can easily and quickly grasp these concepts and learn the crucial elements properly.

The guide is organized in a simple format and divided into sections that cover each of these topics one by one. Some of the sections in the drivers license study guide include the following:

  • Traffic lights and signs
  • Seatbelts
  • Rules of the road
  • Safe driving guidelines
  • Visual search strategies
  • Pavement markings
  • Parking
  • Turn signals
  • Sharing the road
  • Driving in inclement weather

How to Use’s [State] Drivers Permit Practice Test and Study Guide

The MS DMV study guide should be used to complement the state’s driving manual. After reviewing the dense and complex driving manual, you can consult the guide to review and identify the topics you may encounter on the written exam. The guide includes many illustrations of road signs and pavement markings, which can help you to better understand and recognize these important driving fundamentals.

The Mississippi drivers permit practice test can also be used in a variety of ways to ensure you understand the topics you may find on your written exam. The test can be accessed on any device, so you can complete it at any time. You can continue practicing with the test as many times as you want while using the answer key to check your results. By taking it multiple times, the drivers license practice test can allow you to identify the concepts you comprehend thoroughly and the ones you may need to spend more time studying.

Free DMV Practice Tests in Mississippi

There are several companies that offer free MS DMV practice tests online. While these tests may provide you with a way to practice taking the written exam, you should be cautious about the material covered. The test includes state-specific topics that you may have the chance of encountering when taking the written test. By learning these state-specific road laws and signs, you also have a better chance of passing the driving exam when you are ready to earn your license.

You may also find the convenience of the learners permit practice test more practical for your lifestyle than a simple free online test. With 50 questions, the practice test provides you with a wider variety of topics and more opportunity to ensure you understand the material before taking your exam.

How to Schedule a Drivers License Test in Mississippi

You may need to make a DMV driving test appointment in Mississippi before you visit your local DPS office or driver’s license station. You can find a list of these offices online. However, keep in mind that not all offices are testing facilities. Before visiting, contact the facility of your choice to confirm office hours and the ability to administer the written test.

MS driver testing locations are available to help you complete the road skills exam and earn your driver’s license. You must make an appointment at the office of your choice before visiting to ensure an examiner is available to assist you. You must bring a registered and insured vehicle that can pass the safety inspection. During the test, the DPS examiner will accompany you in the vehicle and assess your driving skills. If you fail, he or she will provide you with details on why you did not pass.

What to Bring to a Driving Test in Mississippi

When you have finished reviewing the written driver test study guide and you visit a DPS office to take the knowledge exam or road test, you must bring certain documentation. To take either exam, you must bring:

  • An application for your driver’s license with notarized signatures from both parents, if younger than 17 years old.
  • Your Social Security card.
  • Your original birth certificate.
  • Proof that you are in school, if younger than 18 years of age.
  • Proof that you are enrolled in a driver’s education course, if 14 years of age.
  • Two proofs of residency, if older than 18 years of age.
  • Payment for the license or permit, in the form of cash, debit or credit card.

Bring your learner’s permit with you if you are attending your road skills test appointment.

Mississippi DMV Driving Test Fees

You are responsible for paying for your permit, license and the exams that you must take. The DPS fees are as follows:

  • Learner’s permit (14-year-olds): $7
  • Learners permit (valid for 2 years): $7
  • Original driver’s license (valid for 4 years): $24
  • Original driver’s license (valid for 8 years): $47
  • Intermediate license: $11
  • Driver License Manual book fee: $3
Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.

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