A DMV driving test appointment in Mississippi can save valuable time when applying for a new drivers license in the state. Drivers may schedule a DMV appointment in Mississippi if they want to avoid waiting in long lines or if they want to complete certain procedure faster. Many states have their own DMV appointment system that motorists may use in order to book an appointment for the date and time that bests suits their needs and specific situations.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety (MS DPS) has created an appointment system only for scheduling a commercial driver’s license (CDL) road test. This type of DPS appointment is currently the only one that the MS DPS offers to motorists in Mississippi. Drivers are encouraged to learn whether the MS DPS has enabled other services by using the appointment system. To discover more information about how to make an appointment for the DMV in Mississippi, continue reading the sections below.

Driving Test Appointments in Mississippi

The drivers license appointment is one of the most important appointments that drivers need to book when applying for a driver’s license. Motorists who are applying for a certain type of driver’s license need to pass a driving test as part of the requirements for getting a driving credential. Certain state DMVs offer their drivers to schedule DPS appointment for a driving test in order to ensure certain date and time for taking the test.

Currently, the MS DPS does not offer a DPS driving test appointment to motorists who are applying for a motorcycle license or a regular driving license class. However, it offers the possibility to book a DPS appointment only for a CDL road test, which is one of the requirements for getting a commercial drivers license. To discover more information about the procedure of applying for a CDL driving test, a DPS representative will provide motorists with the needed instructions and requirements.

Other Services Covered by the Mississippi DMV Appointment System

The MS DPS currently does not offer other types of appointments in addition to the DPS driving test appointment for a commercial drivers license. At the moment, the MS DPS appointment system does not cover other licensing services like driver license renewals or replacements, even for CDL credentials. However, that does not mean that the DPS will not begin implementing other services in the future. Therefore, motorists are highly encouraged to contact the MS DPS before visiting a local office in order to inquire more information about the possibility to be able to schedule DPS appointment for the service they want to use.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Mississippi

Scheduling a Mississippi DPS driving test appointment for a commercial drivers license is the only available appointment that may be booked in MS at the moment. Motorists who want to book an appointment for a CDL road test may need to schedule it at least two days before the driving test. The MS DPS has created an online scheduling system for Mississippi that CDL applicants may utilize the DMV online appointment system in order to book their road test.

In order to begin the online procedure for scheduling a DPS appointment through this system, motorists need to provide the following details:

  • Driver’s license number
  • First and last name
  • Date of birth

For the purpose of submitting the above-listed details in the online DPS appointment system, motorists may need to prepare their MS driver’s licenses or CDL driving permits. After providing the necessary details in the online appointment system for Mississippi, CDL license applicants need to follow the next required steps in order to book their MS DPS driving test appointment for a CDL road test. In certain cases, motorists may have to prepare specific documentation when visiting a local MS DPS branch.

What to Bring to Your Mississippi DMV Appointment

Drivers should, before going to the DMV, view appointment requirements to complete the transaction. Applicants who check DMV appointment requirements can avoid having to return at a later time with the proper documentation, such as their learners permit. Drivers may have to prepare personal details and documents according to their specific situation. Apart from providing a driver’s license number, first and last name as well as a date of birth, motorists may be required to submit certain documentation to the local MS DPS office on their scheduled appointment.

For instance, CDL applicants may need to furnish certification from a physical examination. To discover the paperwork needed for a DPS driving test appointment for a CDL license, motorists are encouraged to contact the MS DPS beforehand and learn the exact requirements that they need to satisfy.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Mississippi

The Mississippi DPS appointment system offers motorists the opportunity to cancel or reschedule their already booked appointments in situations when they are unable to visit the MS DPS at the set date and time. To reschedule or cancel appointments at the DMV, drivers may either use the online scheduling system for Mississippi or they may choose to call the DMV appointment number by phone at the driver licensing station where they were supposed to take the road test.

Motorists may have to provide the same types of information as for when booking a DPS appointment for the first time. They may need to submit their driver’s license numbers, first and last name as well as their dates of birth. After providing those details, motorists need to follow the given steps on the online system or to listen to the instructions by the DPS representative over the phone

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.