Drivers education in Mississippi is only required for 14-year-old drivers looking to earn a learner’s permit, but the program is extremely beneficial for all new drivers. Drivers ed can help all new motorists learn the rules of the road to pass the road test required when applying for a driver’s license. Motorists can voluntarily take drivers ed online to study for the exam and memorize important road signs. Online courses offer the greatest amount of flexibility in both schedule and format.

Alternatively, drivers may enroll in a driving school class at a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) location as well as in their public high school. Although drivers ed classes may not be required for all new drivers, they carry many benefits for motorists of all ages. To learn more about these benefits and how to find a course or program near you, continue reading the topics discussed below.

Who needs to take drivers ed in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, drivers ed is required for drivers 14 years of age who want to receive their learner’s permit. All other new motorists are not obligated to enroll in a course, although they still may choose to do so for a variety of reasons. Teen driving school ensures that young motorists are educated in all driving topics before they get behind the wheel.

Many parents and legal guardians choose to enroll their teen drivers in school to make sure they are properly trained. Motorists 15 years of age or older are not required to take the education course to receive a learner’s permit. However, adult drivers ed is a popular option among those who wish to expand their driving skills and knowledge.

Types of Drivers Ed Classes in Mississippi

Drivers education classes in MS are offered in a variety of formats and instruction types. Depending on the reason for enrolling, drivers may be required to take a specific type of course. For example, 14-year-old drivers interested in receiving their learner’s permit must enroll in a course offered at a Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) office or at their public school. These are the only drivers ed courses approved by the DPS to satisfy the requirement for 14-year-old drivers. Those who voluntarily take an education course have more options.

For example, drivers ed online is available for drivers older than 14 years of age who wish to take a course voluntarily. It is the most convenient study method, as motorists can enroll in the online course and complete the class from the comfort of home. Taking an online drivers ed course allows drivers to complete the course in their own time.

Fourteen-year-old drivers may choose to enroll in a course offered at their high school. Many public schools have state-approved programs to satisfy this requirement. Student drivers should inquire with their school’s guidance office to determine whether this option is available.

What will you learn in a Mississippi drivers ed school?

Mississippi drivers ed classes can improve a student driver’s chances of passing the road licensing test. All programs review essential driving topics, including traffic laws, safe driving habits, operational procedures, road signs and the consequences of committing a traffic violation. After finishing a program, drivers will have the knowledge and skills necessary to earn a full, unrestricted driver’s license.

The on-road drivers ed test can be tricky; student drivers who enroll in an education course have plenty of time to practice before exam day. They will learn:

  • Rules of the road.
  • How to avoid collisions.
  • Parking procedures.
  • Emergency protocol.

Teen driving school also covers the importance of driving without distractions. Nearly all programs include topics on the dangers of drunk driving, driving while intoxicated and texting while driving.

Mississippi Drivers Education Requirements

Drivers ed requirements for 14-year-old drivers in Mississippi are determined by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, or DPS. To receive a learner’s permit, the department requires all drivers 14 years of age to complete the following:

  • 30 hours of classroom training
  • 6 hours of dual driving instruction

Hands-on training for 14-year-old drivers must only be completed in an instructional vehicle. Parent-taught drivers ed is a valid option for drivers older than 14 years of age who want to learn from their parents or legal guardians.

Benefits of a Mississippi Driver Education Course

Drivers education programs in MS have numerous benefits. Enrolling in an instructional program is invaluable for all new motorists, but young drivers will especially benefit from the knowledge and skills gained through education. Not only will beginners become familiar with important traffic laws and rules, but they will also learn how to avoid distracted driving.

Teen drivers ed allows 14-year-old drivers to receive a limited learner’s permit earlier, putting them on track to earning a license more quickly. Additionally, it helps parents build confidence in their young drivers, as they can be sure that they have the knowledge they need to stay safe behind the wheel.

Driver education in Mississippi may also help certain motorists receive a car insurance discount. Drivers who voluntarily enroll in an instruction program show insurance carriers that they are committed to expanding their skills and knowledge, reducing the likelihood of being involved in a crash.

How to Enroll in a Mississippi Driver Ed School

Enrollment in a drivers ed program in MS depends on the type of program in which a driver wishes to participate. 14-year-old drivers interested in receiving their learner’s permit must enroll at a DPS-approved course offered at an office location or at their public high school.

High school drivers ed may not be offered at every public school in the state, so motorists should check with their school board. If offered, the student driver may be required to incorporate the class into his or her daily schedule.

To enroll in a DPS-approved course at one of the office locations in the state, drivers must contact the location nearest them.

Mississippi DMV Drivers Ed Certificates

Fourteen-year-old motorists who finish drivers education school will receive a certificate of completion that acknowledges they have met the requirement for a limited learner’s permit in the state. The driver education program typically forwards the certificate to the DPS on behalf of the driver.

Those who enroll in an alternative driving school (such as an online course) may also receive a certificate of completion. The drivers ed online certificate may be required to receive an insurance discount with the driver’s carrier. Motorists should inquire with their car insurance company about any discounts offered.

Drivers Ed for New Mississippi Residents

Drivers ed is not required for new drivers older than 14 years of age. As such, new Mississippi residents looking to receive a learner’s permit are not required to furnish a certificate of completion from an out-of-state education program. However, 14-year-old drivers who have recently moved to the state and want to receive a learner’s permit should enroll in a DPS-approved course.

Mississippi Drivers Ed vs. Traffic School

A driver education program is different from a defensive driving course. Completing an education course is only required for 14-year-olds interested in receiving their learner’s permit. Other beginner drivers may choose to enroll in a program voluntarily.

Traffic school, on the other hand, is a type of program geared toward license holders who have committed a traffic infraction. Defensive driving classes can help drivers remove points and avoid having their license suspended. Some drivers may enroll in traffic school to improve their driving skills.

Mississippi Driver Education Fees

The MS drivers ed prices vary depending on the type of instruction a motorist receives. Fees range between $200 and $600. To learn the exact cost of an education program, drivers should contact their school or the DPS.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.