Drivers education in Georgia is mandatory for teens who are 15 and 16 years of age. These young motorists must complete 30 hours of drivers ed instruction and either six hours of behind-the-wheel training with an additional 30 hours of supervised driving or 40 hours of supervised driving. New motorists can register to complete drivers ed online or in a classroom. Once enrolled, they will learn about proper automobile maintenance and operation.

A GA teen driving school will provide teens with all the knowledge they need to stay safe on the road. Drivers ed classes not only teach teen motorists about road rules and proper driving techniques, but also the information they need to pass the written permit test. Students must pass the drivers ed test in order to apply for the instructional permit. Keep reading below to learn more details about the driver education course process in Georgia.

Who needs to take drivers ed in Georgia?

Drivers ed in Georgia is a requirement for teen drivers who are younger than 17 years of age. Young motorists can enroll at 15 years of age. Completion of a drivers education course is not required for residents older than 17 years of age. However, all motorists must accumulate at least 40 hours of supervised driving, six of which must be completed at night, before they can apply for an unrestricted license.

Types of Drivers Ed Classes in Georgia

Drivers ed classes in Georgia are available both online and in-person. All meet the GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) requirement of 30 hours of drivers education instruction. Students can also choose how they acquire their driver training: at a DDS-approved school with an instructor or at home with a parent. Teens can also elect to complete the parent-teen driving guide in addition to completing six hours of training at an approved drivers ed school.

Georgia Online Drivers Ed vs. In-Person Courses

Completing drivers ed online in GA can be beneficial for some teens more than others. An online drivers ed course allows students to complete their 30 hours as quickly as they are able to. On the other hand, a classroom drivers education class is usually scheduled ahead of time and may take several days or weeks depending on the curriculum.

Moreover, online drivers education classes allow self-directed students to progress at their own pace while classrooms encourage discussion with peers. Teens who prefer to complete their drivers education online can easily register on This provider has a 99.5 percent permit exam pass rate and free unlimited practice tests. even offers behind-the-wheel training for Georgia residents.

What will you learn in a Georgia drivers ed school?

A drivers ed school in GA provides teens with all the information they need to pass their permit test and become safe drivers. Teens will learn about the licensing process and the steps they need to take after completing drivers ed classes. In addition, students will gain knowledge about:

  • Road signs and signals.
  • Driving in various weather conditions.
  • Handling auto accidents.
  • Proper driving techniques.

Georgia Drivers Education Requirements

Georgia driver education requirements vary depending on the age of the prospective license holder. The youngest a resident can begin a drivers ed course is 15 years of age. These motorists must complete:

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction.
  • 40 hours of supervised driving.
  • Six hours of supervised nighttime driving.

They may also complete six hours of behind-the-wheel training at an approved teen driving school. Furthermore, they must be enrolled in school and have parent or guardian sign their application form before they can acquire a permit. Teen motorists who are 16 years of age must meet the same requirements.

Teen drivers ed requirements change slightly once motorists reach 17 years of age. Unlike younger drivers, they do not have to show proof of completion of a drivers education course. At 18 years of age, motorists can apply for their full Class C driving license without showing proof of school enrollment or completion of drivers ed school. However, they must sign an affidavit confirming that they have 40 hours of driving experience, six of which were completed during night time hours.

Benefits of a Georgia Driver Education Course

There are several benefits to enrolling in a drivers education course in Georgia. First, new motorists will learn the proper skills and techniques to safely operate a vehicle and manage various auto-related scenarios. As a result, they will be less likely to be victims in accidents or receive citations for breaking the law.

Furthermore, completing drivers ed may earn certain motorists a discount on their car insurance. However, this depends on policy and insurer. Therefore, drivers must check with their car insurance company to ensure that they qualify.

How to Enroll in a Georgia Driver Ed School

In order to enroll in a GA drivers ed school, prospective motorists must first find a DDS-approved school to complete their 30-hour instructional course. The official state DDS website provides a list of accepted drivers education schools. These include:

  • Public and private high schools.
  • Online providers.
  • Private companies.
  • Colleges.

Teens should check if their high school offers free drivers education classes prior to considering third-party options. However, many students prefer to complete their teen drivers ed online. One accepted online provider,, allows new motorists to easily register for a class. Through, teens can complete their drivers ed course at their own pace, even on their phones. They have access to unlimited practice tests and even have the option to purchase professional driving lessons.

Georgia DMV Drivers Ed Certificates

A Georgia drivers ed certificate must be submitted to the DMV when applying for an instructional permit. Teens younger than 17 years of age will not be allowed to acquire their permit without proof that they completed their drivers education. Motorist who register online with will be able to receive their certificate for free within 24 hours of completing their GA drivers education classes.

Drivers Ed for New Georgia Residents

GA drivers ed may be required for new residents, especially if they already hold a permit from another state. All new teen motorists must surrender their out-of-state permit and meet the Georgia requirements for an instructional permit. It may be necessary to complete a GA drivers ed course if driving requirements were different in the teen’s previous state.

Georgia Drivers Ed vs. Traffic School

Many residents confuse Georgia drivers ed and traffic school although they have many differences. Drivers education school is for inexperienced motorists who have never held a license. On the other hand, traffic school is for licensed motorists who either elected or were court-ordered to take a course on driver improvement. Furthermore, a driver education program in Georgia takes longer to complete than a traffic school course and covers topics in more detail.

Georgia Driver Education Fees

Drivers ed prices in GA vary based on provider and type of course. Online drivers ed courses are typically cheaper than in-person classes at $20 compared to $149, respectively. However, students may be able to enroll in free drivers ed classes if they register with their local high school.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.