New Jersey drivers ed is the first stage of the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system for beginner drivers in the state. First-time drivers who are at least 16 years of age are required to complete drivers ed, which consists of six hours of behind-the-wheel driving experience. NJ drivers education allows motorists to learn about state traffic laws and regulations, as well as defensive driving techniques. Enrolling in an NJ drivers ed course is a necessary step to obtaining a learner’s permit.

Benefits of Taking Drivers Education Courses

An NJ drivers education course provides the following benefits to beginner drivers:

  • Get an NJ learner’s permit.
  • Get prepared for the road test.

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New Jersey Drivers Ed Curriculum

Drivers education courses approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC) are for beginner drivers who want to improve their overall driving skills. NJ drivers ed classes cover the following topics:

  • Defensive driving skills.
  • New Jersey traffic laws and regulations.
  • Ways to operate a motor vehicle.

Enrolling in Drivers Education Courses

How to Enroll in Drivers Ed

The process of enrollment in a drivers education in New Jersey differs according to the driving school you choose. Nonetheless, potential drivers are required to complete a drivers education course when turning 16 years of age and applying for an NJ learner’s permit.

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Online New Jersey Driver Ed vs. in Person

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) requires beginner drivers to complete a drivers education course by completing a six-hour behind-the-wheel driving practice. Therefore, all first-time drivers’ license applicants must be present in person for the driving experience.

Cost of Drivers Ed in New Jersey

The cost to complete New Jersey drivers ed varies, depending on the public or private drivers ed school you attend. Find out the exact cost by contacting the driving school of your choice.

New Jersey Drivers Ed Requirements and Eligibility

Drivers education eligibility in New Jersey differs. In general, the NJ MVC requires all driver’s license applicants who are 16 years of age to complete drivers ed as part of the first stage of the GDL program.

Drivers Ed Certificates

Beginner drivers who have completed New Jersey drivers education will not be issued a certificate of completion. Instead, the NJ MVC will automatically verify a driver’s course completion. Thereafter, drivers are encouraged to visit a DMV office in person to take and pass the road test. Upon receiving a passing score, you will be issued a state learner’s permit.

Finding a New Jersey-Approved Drivers Education Course

Find a drivers education course online or by visiting an MVC office near you for more information. Applicants can also contact third-party drivers education providers in order to begin the process of enrollment. Learn more here.

Last updated on Friday, July 13 2018.

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