South Dakota drivers ed provides numerous benefits to both adults and teens who have never been licensed previously. For teens, completing an authorized program will allow the opportunity to obtain a drivers license in South Dakota sooner with a reduction to the number of days that a learner’s permit must be held before applying for a license. Additionally, courses provide safe driving knowledge and skills, collision avoidance techniques and, in some cases, car insurance discounts at a time when insurance premiums are generally the highest.

Drivers ed online is not recognized in South Dakota and can therefore not be used for official purposes. However, classes can be taken in person through a number of providers, including through high schools for qualifying teens. By reviewing multiple providers, you can determine which provider offers the best schedule and course price to suit your needs.

Who needs to take drivers ed in South Dakota?

South Dakota drivers education is not required within the state when applying for a driver’s license, regardless of age. However, teens gain the unique opportunity to obtain their driver’s license sooner upon the completion of an approved course. The successful completion of a course will reduce the number of days that a teen must hold a South Dakota learners permit from 180 days to 90.

Types of Drivers Ed Classes in South Dakota

In SD, drivers ed classes are provided through participating high schools and through third-party providers. Most providers cater only to teens who are under the age of 18, however, there are a few third-party providers that focus upon adult education.

What will you learn in a South Dakota drivers ed school?

A South Dakota driver education course provides 30 hours of classroom instruction and 12 hours of in-vehicle training, six hours of which will be observing another student drive. You can expect to receive instruction related to:

  • Safe driving practices.
  • Collision prevention.
  • Crash statistics.
  • South Dakota traffic laws and regulations.
  • DUI regulations.
  • The importance of safety features in a vehicle, including seatbelts, headrests and airbags.

A drivers ed test must be completed at the end of the course. This exam will cover the material that was discussed throughout the course.

South Dakota Drivers Education Requirements

In order to attend teen driving school in SD, teens must be at least 14 years of age and must first obtain a South Dakota learner’s permit, which will require the submission of documentation, parental permission and the successful completion of a knowledge exam and vision exam. A teen must also be able to commit to the entirety of the course as students that are absent for a portion of the class and cannot make up the time may be removed from the class without a refund.

For adult drivers ed, requirements may vary. Therefore, it is important to review these requirements with the provider you are interested in before enrolling in a course.

Benefits of a South Dakota Driver Education Course

A South Dakota drivers ed course offers numerous benefits to any individual that is interested in obtaining a driver’s license for the first time, regardless of age. These benefits of course completion include, but are not limited to:

  • For teens, the ability to reduce the amount of time that a learners permit must be held before applying for a driver’s license.
  • Safe driving knowledge and skills.
  • Car insurance discounts, reducing overall premium costs for first-time drivers.

How to Enroll in a South Dakota Driver Ed School

To enroll in drivers education in South Dakota, you must contact the third party provider of an approved course. You can obtain a list of approved providers from your local DMV. Once you have selected a provider, you can generally enroll in a course over the phone or online.

South Dakota DMV Drivers Ed Certificates

After completing drivers ed in SD, you will be provided with a certificate that must be submitted to the DMV in order to reduce the amount of time that a learner’s permit must be held as a teen. Additionally, it is worth knowing that your auto insurer discount may also want to see a copy of the certificate if your insurer is willing to provide a discount on an auto insurance policy for course completion.

Drivers Ed for New South Dakota Residents

If you attended teen driving school in a state outside of South Dakota, you may still be eligible to reduce the amount of time that you must hold an instruction permit before obtaining a South Dakota driver’s license. Out of state educational courses may still be approved by the State of South Dakota Driver Education Coordinator if the course meets SD standards.

You can apply for the out of state program by completing and submitting the notarized form to Submissions must include a copy of the completion certificate issued in another state.

South Dakota Drivers Ed vs. Traffic School

South Dakota drivers education is designed to teach safe driving practices and South Dakota traffic laws and regulations to individuals, primarily teens, who have never been licensed before in the U.S. Unlike these courses, traffic school focuses on refreshing experienced drivers on safe driving practices and traffic laws. Traffic school is taken for a number of reasons, including potential ticket dismissal and car insurance discounts, but it has nothing to do with obtaining a license for the first time.

South Dakota Driver Education Fees

SD drivers ed prices can vary by provider. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to review various providers in order to find the schedule that fits your own as well as the price that fits your budget. In South Dakota, course fees can, on average, be up to $325.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.