It is easier to get a South Dakota driver’s license replacement than you may think. While many states require residents to come in person to a DMV office to apply for a copy, SD allows you to apply for online or by mail once every 10 years, or the length of a normal renewal period.

SD residents who have already received one once by mail or online in the last 10 years, or who do not meet other online requirements can apply for an SD replacement driver’s license in person at a South Dakota driver licensing location. For more tips and conditions attached to replacing driver’s license credentials in SD, continue reading through the sections below.

When is a replacement drivers license required in South Dakota?

A South Dakota duplicate driver’s license is required when an SD driver’s license holder’s physical documentation card is inadequate for identification purposes. If you do not have an ID card, and you operate a vehicle, you must keep your driving documents up-to-date.

A lost drivers license, a stolen driver’s license or a damaged driver’s license are all instances that require replacement. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you should apply for a replacement drivers license immediately before you run into a situation where your driving credentials are needed.

The information in the sections below explains the process of replacement and provides everything you need to get your application started and your replacement card on its way to your mailbox.

How to Replace Your Driver’s License Online in South Dakota

One of the most frequent questions a driver may have following a lost driver’s license in SD is “Where can I get a copy of my driver’s license?” Fortunately, the answer is probably right at your fingertips. In South Dakota, you can apply online with no need to visit the DMV and spend hours waiting in line.

Online services to replace your credential are available to SD residents once per 10-year renewal period. When you replace your document, your license will retain its original expiration date, thus, a replacement is not considered a renewal. When you apply for a document copy, you will need to provide two documents for proof of identification. One of these must include your birthdate, such as a birth certificate. You must also provide two proofs of residential address.

Additional information may be requested by the SD DMV clerk to verify identity. If you need to update your address or name, you must correct these on your license before you can change these details on your car registration.

To fulfill the conditions for a replacement drivers license in SD, the required documents should be uploaded or mailed process may take longer if documents are mailed. Online replacement fees must be paid using a MasterCard or Visa before the process of obtaining a copy online can be completed. Expect your South Dakota DMV duplicate license to arrive in the mail within two to three weeks. To check the status of your online order, call or email the SD DMV.

How to Replace Your Driver’s License by Mail in South Dakota 

To apply for a South Dakota copy of driver’s license by mail, complete the license application form that is available online. To ensure swift processing of your SD lost drivers license replacement application, double check that your application form has been signed and dated at the bottom before mailing it in.

The required documents to replace drivers license by mail are the same as those listed above for online applications. They include proof of US citizenship, a second document for proof of identity, two documents less than one year old, showing your name and address to prove your SD residency, a self-addressed stamped envelope for return mailing of your replacement card and a check made out to “Department of Public Safety.”

Mail the completed South Dakota DMV duplicate license application and required documents to the department of public safety.

How to Replace Your South Dakota Driver’s License in Person 

An in-person visit to your local SD DMV office is also an option to replace drivers license in South Dakota, which may be your only option if this is not the first time you have needed a replacement drivers license in your current renewal period.

The required documents are the same for in-person replacement drivers license as those mentioned in the other sections. The only difference is that when you go to the DMV location nearest you to apply for your copy of driver’s license credentials, you will bring the physical copies of your documents with you, along with your payment.

Note: The SD DMV takes appointments that can be scheduled online to decrease your DMV wait time.

South Dakota Drivers License Replacement Fees

The cost for an SD driver’s license replacement can vary based on your needs. If you are replacing drivers license documentation online, you may use a MasterCard or Visa to pay this fee.

Note that a payment processing fee of $2 will be added to all credit or debit card payments made online. If paying by mail, there is a flat fee for an SD duplicate driver’s license and checks should be made payable to the “Department of Public Safety.” The standard drivers license replacement fee in South Dakota is $15.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.