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Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated California Driver's License or ID Card

California Drivers License Replacement

If your California drivers license was lost, stolen, or damaged to the point of illegibility, the California Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to replace DMV drivers license documents. Also, given the serious threat of identity theft, a common result of lost or stolen driving licenses, you should also report the theft (if applicable)before requesting to replace driving license materials from the DMV.

More Important Information on Driver's License Replacements

How to Report a Lost or Stolen Drivers License

While you will be required to mark if your drivers license was lost or stolen on the replacement license application,it is only recommended that you report that your drivers license was lost or stolen with local law enforcement. The risk of identity theft is high if you have a stolen drivers license. Take time to visit the police station, report the theft or loss, and get a police report to show to the CA DMV. In addition, you can call the following number to see if the CA DMV will waive your replacement fee if you report your drivers license stolen: 1-800-777-0133.

Eligibility Requirements to Replace a Drivers License

It is illegal to operate a vehicle in the state of California without proper licensing. However, there are a variety of requirements that must be met to obtain a drivers license copy. As mentioned earlier, a CA drivers license replacement is necessary if you damaged, lost, or had your drivers license stolen from you.
To replace lost drivers licenses, all California drivers must go the DMV in person. You cannot order a replacement license online, by mail or over the phone.

How to Replace a Drivers License in Person

Before heading over to your local drivers license office to order a replacement drivers license, familiarize yourself with what documents you will need to bring in:

  1. One proof of Social Security number:
    • Social Security card
    • Medicare card
    • U.S. Armed Forces ID card
  2. One proof of ID(only originals or certified copies):
    • U.S. birth certificate
    • U.S. passport
    • Military ID card
  3. One proof of CA residency:
    • Utility bill
    • Bank statement
    • Permanent resident card
  4. Payment for the applicable fee (with cash, check, money order, or a debit/ATM card).
  5. Provide your thumbprint.
  6. Have your photograph taken.

Once your documents are verified, you will be issued a temporary interim license that is valid for 90 days. You can expect to receive your permanent drivers license by mail within 60 days.
The CA DMV does not require drivers to retake the written or driving test to receive a drivers license replacement. Only new CA resident who want to transfer their out-of-state drivers license and lost it need to retake the DMV tests.

Schedule a DMV Appointment

As drivers can only replace stolen drivers license credentials (as well as lost or damaged) in person at a local DMV office, it is recommended that you avoid the long waits by going online and making an appointment. Doing so will help you plan out your day accordingly, keeping your visit to the DMV nothing more than a short detour.

How to Replace a Drivers License if Out-of-State

The state of California will not allow you to replace drivers license documentation if you are out of the state or county. You can only do so if you are in California at the time of losing your driving license. If you are traveling outside of the state, you will have to wait until you return home to replace your license in person.
If you have recently moved to California and lost your drivers license during the move, then you can simply go through the process of applying for a new drivers license. Be sure to bring the following documentation:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Your Social Security card
  • A copy of your out-of-state driving record (possible)

How to Replace a Drivers License if in the Military

All military personnel in California may use military ID cards as proof of identification to replace driving licenses at the CA DMV. Follow these steps if you are member of the military:

  1. Make an appointment at a nearby DMV location.
  2. Bring one proof of:
    • Social Security Number:
      • Social Security card
      • U.S. Armed Forces ID card
    • Identity(only originals or certified copies):
      • Birth certificate
      • Passport
      • Military ID card
    • Residence:
      • Utility bill
      • Bank statement
  3. Pay the applicable fee (cash, check, money order, or a debit/ATM card).
  4. Provide your thumbprint and get your photo taken.

Replacement Fees for a Duplicate Drivers License

As you may have already suspected,getting a drivers license replacement in California is not free. The price you pay depends on the kind of license or ID card you want to replace:

  • ID card: $28
  • Reduced-fee ID card: $8
  • Senior citizen ID card: free
  • Class C driving license: $27
  • Commercial Class A, B, or C CDL license: $30

You can pay the above fees with cash, check, money order, or a debit/ATM card.

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Reviews of Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated California Driver's License or ID Card

Hi. Just today I lost my wallet. In it includes my driver's permit and CA ID.i just passed the written exam and have to do the behind-the-wheel very soon. Unfortunately, this happened. Is there any possible way that I can ask for a replacement to my Cal id card and driver's permit at DMV? I really need it since I just recently started taking driving lessons. Hope you guys help me out with this problem. Thanks.

my bag was stolen and I am out of state on a road trip. I cannot reach anyone by phone, they hang up on me due to "high call volume" . I see on your site that it cannot be replaced out of state, but I am now stranded out of state, how can I proceed? right now I cannot drive or use ny method of travel to return, as I have no valid ID. Help?

How long does it take to receive your drivers license? I ordered mine may 16 and haven't received it's me again. I am really worried about my driver's license. Whoever stole it, what are the possibilities they will do to my driver's license? I'm sure, it's like Identity Theft. Is it possible they can also get into our bank account? I hope those people doing this will be catch them and put to prison.

Also people working at the Post Office, I hope they have nothing to do with the stealing of drivers license, atm cards replacement, social security cards. It was so frustrating that I already spent some money to renew my driver's license and I have a feeling it was already stolen. I hope I can request again for my license and I will be looking forward to hear from you. Thank you so much.

Hi, can I request again for the renewal of my driver's license? I already had one but

I wasn't able to received it by mail. It's been over a month. I was worried that it might be stolen already.

If it's possible, please email me back so I can make a payment.

I hope you will considered my request.

HI.we are recrntly move to CA before two day we move here my husband lost his walett now we`re in LA ,,how we can apply new ID for him?when we travel he use his passbook? did he need any paperwork? more than passbook?

also i need to change my ID from NY to CA ADDRESS?

i got my ID from LA 1997 n i moved to east coast and now i move back to west coast..may i know what shall i do?

First I was the victim of a violent attack. Now, I am a victim of DMV. Two-1/2 months before I can even get an appt to replace the license. Then weeks to get the license. In the meantime, I can't rent a car or do many other things. And i'll be driving illegally without a license--maybe as a victim I'll get some jail time with my attacker (when and if he's caught since no police bother to look for him) and I can get killed in a Calif. jail . Nice catch-22 there. Good going Calilfornia--the totally inept state.

I lost my CA ID card and forgot the number. Do I need my ID number to get a replacement, and if so how do I go about getting it?

HEY Iost my I.D when I was up northeren calif . what do I need to get a new one .and I lost my s.s card as well

i am out of state and lost my Lic and now i dont know how i am gonna drive back

I had never gotten my ID in the mail. Its already been 3 weeks what do i do?

I still have not received my California Senior ID card. CARL BOOTH GRANTHEM

22001 NAMBE CT



DOB 08-30-1938



my id was stolen at work how do I go about it do I need to pay again

My ID AND CA drivers license got stolen and need to replace both

I Sergio huerta got my CA driver license stolen.

I need to replace a lost driver's license

i need to replace a lost driver's license

I need a new license

I just lost my Driver's license, so want to have a replacement.


Don't put your name on the internet

i wasnt given any form of id when i was released from foster care and they cannot release info once you are out what do i do? i want to get married and i cant

Try Alameda as example

Social services

See county

Go to the organization that placed you

There are records of your placement

I'm a natural worrier and I lost my California id, luckily I have both the id and license, my license was in my car as usual. Now my question is do I need to report the lost id card or is it fine? I plan on getting a new as soon as I can but I'm not sure if I need to report it or not? thanks..

you should report it anyway karla tell them you found it in your car

I forget my driver's license number. Anyone can help me to get it back? I ve been away from the states for almost ten years and now just came back and look for my drive's license.

There is no ordering any other way in ca

Bring orig birth certificate

Go to dmv building

As far as i know. I've lost my California license not to long ago but moved to Tennessee. I never got around to getting a new one here and now i need it but i went to the DMV and I was told to call a number and i'm sure it can be done online somehow. BUT, you need to get a driver verification/driving record sent to the DMV or yourself to prove your license is valid and in good standing IF your license is not expired. If it is experienced you must take a test. You must also have two forms of ID i.e., birth certificate, marriage certificate, social security, passport & proof of residency in your new state like utility bills, phone bills, anything dated within the last three months that wasn't sent written in pen. Hope that helps!

I would like to know since I have lost my drivers license if it's possible to get it sorted from New york city? I moved here and hope I don't need to fly back... is there a California DMV branch or something in NY? Please if anyone knows it would help!

i lost my california ID in Queens, Ny.. i have nothing... i mean NOTHING to get a new one and wont ever go back to california... i dont even have my birth certificate... i know my social security number... any ideas how i can get a new ID????

I lost my California one in Tennessee the drivers license center here gave me a number to call but it wasn't much help. You have to get a drivers verification or drivers record faxed or sent to you or the dmv there to avoid taking tests. & that's if it's still valid & you have to pay the New York new license fee.

Did you seriously ask if there's a California DMV in New York? Wow, this site rocks.

I think they meant that since they lost their California license in New York without getting a New york one they have no photo ID to get a New York one. & They do not want to take a new driving test or written test.

@Takagi -My thought exactly...hysterical...

Does temporary driver's license have your picture on it i need to have photo id I lost my original hard copy and need photo id asap

Try getting passport but I think you need photo id to get

No pictures

this is such BS why is the number busy???????

What a stupid system; there is no reason one should not be able to have a lost/stolen license replaced by applying non line. My son is at school our of state and had his wallet stolen. He can't fly down to L.A. for three months. Not only that, but how can he board a plane these days without an ID. We've become a dysfunctional third world state.

This is why i wish everyone would wake up, these so called liberties which have been turned to privelages are simply an infringement on your rights as a human, we all have the right to travel the constitution protects this right. Now each state has enacted the Drivers licenses Act as a means to collect taxes and revenue but once again this is not your duty this is an option which you accept by default. To drive is a profession unless you operate your vehilce for commercial purposes along the open freeways you are not a driver. Do your own research the Right to Travel is still a right very much so real and alive and if more of us would stand up for it and protest that we demand our right and freedom to travel we would be assured of a change. "Do away with your government issued Drivers Licenses." If we are so required to have drivers licenses then the people need to vote to create our own.

This is true. People you do NOT have to pay for test for have on your person or apply for a drivers license to drive. UNLESS and only UNLESS you are driving for compensation as in a job.

As citizens of the United States you are entitled to all freedoms the Constitution allows you. Including the RIGHT TO TRAVEL! The government and corporations have us all brainwashed and are collecting ILLEGAL revenue in fees taxes, tickets etc. STAND UP and tell the judges, the IRS,the DMV and anyone else that you will NO longer be extorted and throw your licenses, plates, and tabs away. They are garbage anyway.

If he's living out of state for more than 10 days (or up to 30 days depending on the new state), he is supposed to get a drivers license in the new state. He shouldn't be going to California to renew or replace his license as he is not a resident of California.

The actual stupid thing is if you divide your time between two states, technically you're supposed to get a new license in each state every time you switch. Of course people don't normally do that, and continue with their license from one state. But it is not correct way according to the law.

Respectfully, your answer is less than professional. Mind you the initial correspondence was not the best, but we pay your salary and expect some degree of client service training from your Supervisors and a lot of respect to your clients (from you) derived from such supervision.

"The actual stupid thing" as a response can be interpreted at you having a bad day while answering these client's e-mails and calling them stupid. In my humble opinion, you reduced your answer to a child like level by saying "I am not stupid... you are". I would suggest such language not to be included on your professional answers. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

The whole site is just people saying, "WOW thats a dumb question, here is why....then going on and on about what they feel is a "LEGITAMATE" question" Just to maintain the status quoe, "F" this site!