You can replace a lost drivers license as a Louisiana driver through the state’s Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). Completing the replacement drivers license process through one of the easy OMV methods can get back to driving legally in no time. While most Louisiana driver license replacement requests must be processed in person, certain drivers may be eligible to request a duplicate copy by mail. It is imperative to request a missing or damaged card immediately to avoid receiving a traffic ticket if you are stopped by a police officer. It is important to replace the legal document even if you are not driving, as a license is a primary form of identification.

To replace lost drivers license credentials quickly, you will need to be aware of the OMV’s procedure for obtaining a duplicate card. Likewise, you may be interested in renewing your drivers license to save you time later and expense now since there is a fee for a replacement card and your credential renewal includes a new card. Continue reading to learn how to replace drivers license documentation in Louisiana, where to obtain a duplicate drivers license and the fees involved in the process.

When is a replacement drivers license required in Louisiana?

You to replace your drivers license any time your card goes missing or is damaged, as it is illegal to drive in Louisiana without a valid credential. If theft is the reason for your lost drivers license, consider reporting the crime to your local law enforcement agency. Having a police report verifying your stolen card can help protect you from being held responsible for any fraudulent use of your license.

Reporting a theft can also help protect you from identity fraud because your previous license number will be flagged and any use of it considered invalid. Additionally, the fee to replace drivers license cards will be waived if you provide a police report to the OMV.

Because drivers are responsible for keeping their copy of drivers license credentials in good condition, carrying a badly mutilated license is as bad as it is to not have one at all. You must replace drivers license documents if they are faded, broken, burned or otherwise mutilated beyond the point of readability.

You should request a duplicate drivers license if your photo is no longer easy to recognize, whether it is due to damage or a drastic change in your appearance. Finally, you should replace your card following any name or address change, ensuring that your license always reflects your correct information.

How to Replace Your Louisiana Drivers License in Person

If you are wondering, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license in Louisiana?” then choose one of the local LA OMV branch offices. When replacing drivers license credentials, you will need to provide the following documents from the OMV’s extensive list of approved documentation:

  • One primary and one secondary document OR three secondary documents
  • Proof of adequate insurance coverage on any vehicles you own
  • Proof of Louisiana residency

If you are requesting a duplicate drivers license for a minor driver, then you must provide a certified copy of the driver’s birth certificate and a completed certificate of required attendance obtained at the child’s school. Homeschooled students replacing drivers license documentation may present a signed and completed home-study approval notification letter or a registered non-public school registration confirmation letter.

In addition, the custodial parent must appear with the minor driver and show his or her photo ID. The domiciliary parent must be the one who signs the application in cases of joint custody of a minor. A DMV duplicate license will be issued after paying the fees outlined below.

If you need to replace drivers license credentials while there are 90 or fewer days remaining on your current renewal period, then you must renew your license instead of requesting a duplicate. Please allow seven to 10 days for your duplicate drivers license to arrive by mail after submitting your application.

Note: At this time, drivers cannot request a drivers license copy online, as the state has yet to establish this method. However, some drivers may be able to obtain a duplicate copy by using the mail-in method if they meet the out-of-state eligibility requirements. See below to learn how to replace drivers licenses by mail.

Out-of-State Drivers License Replacement in Louisiana

You may get copy of drivers license credentials by mail if you meet certain conditions. To replace drivers license documentation you must be a permanent resident of LA and unable to return to Louisiana from out of state to request the replacement in person.

You will need to submit a completed and signed the application for a duplicate card and include your DMV duplicate license fee detailed below in the form of a cashier’s check or money order made payable to the Office of Motor Vehicles. The application and payment may be mailed to the Office of Motor Vehicles in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Drivers License Replacement Fees

The fee to get copy of drivers license credentials varies by the period for which they are valid. For a four-year license, the replacement cost is $13. For a six-year credential, the fee is $17.

In any case, the LA OMV only accepts payments made by money order, credit or debit card. All credit and debit card payments will be assessed a fixed transaction fee plus one percent of the transaction total.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.