When you have a stolen or lost car registration in Louisiana, it is necessary for you replace it immediately. A car registration helps government entities link a vehicle to its owner. The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles’ (OMV) policies state that operating a vehicle without proof of registration is illegal and may lead to costly traffic tickets. As such, motorists must complete the steps to obtain a new copy of the vehicle registration as soon as possible.

To replace a car registration, there are two methods motorists can use: online or in person. In both cases, applicants will need to complete an application, which includes providing personal and vehicle information. For more information on how to obtain a duplicate copy of your car registration, review the sections below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Louisiana

In Louisiana, it is mandatory that all motorists always have a copy of the vehicle registration on hand when operating a motor vehicle. There are several situations in which you may no longer have your registration and must obtain a duplicate, such as when:

  • Your registration is lost.
  • Your registration is stolen.
  • Your registration is damaged.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Louisiana

According to the Louisiana OMV, a lost registration must be replaced immediately. There are several methods you can complete to replace your car registration. When you visit the Louisiana OMV, a copy of the registration is available for purchase in person. Motorists can also complete the request online, which is the convenient method for many residents.  Louisiana has its own website portal through which motorists can obtain a new registration.  Both methods are outlined in detail below.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration Online

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles offers an online option for motorists who want to get an OMV registration replacement. The first step drivers must take is visiting the OMV’s website. This is where they will find a portal through which they will submit a replacement vehicle registration application. Once there, motorists must provide information on their vehicle so that the OMV can locate their records. This includes the license plate number, the model year and the registration’s expiration date.

Once the Louisiana OMV locates the vehicle records, you must confirm that they are correct and enter your payment information. The last step to obtain an OMV duplicate registration in Louisiana is to pay the fee and print the receipt. Keep in mind that online transactions include a service charge. After completing the process, the OMV will send the duplicate registration to the address on file.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

To get a new OMV copy of your registration, you can visit your local Louisiana OMV office in person. Once you identify the office nearest to you, call the office to set an appointment for your visit. This can help you avoid long lines and waiting times. To prepare for the visit, be sure to have your personal and vehicle information handy. This includes:

  • Two forms of ID such as a drivers license and Social Security Number.
  • Vehicle Identification Number.
  • Vehicle license plate number.
  • Vehicle model year.
  • Vehicle registration expiration date.

While you may not need all of these documents to replace a lost or stolen car registration in Louisiana, it is best to have them all available if requested. The next step once you arrive at the OMV is to complete the application, submit the necessary documentation and pay the applicable fee.

Louisiana Stolen Car Registration Requirements

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles does not require motorists to file a police report for a stolen car registration. Motorists must simply get a copy of the car registration online or in-person immediately after the incident.

However, it is in motorists’ best interest to file a police report for a stolen registration. This will protect them in case someone uses the stolen registration to commit illegal activities. The police departments in Louisiana provide various ways for residents to file a report. Some have online portals through which residents can report an incident. Some require a phone call or an in-person visit. For more information on the procedures, residents must contact their local police department.

Louisiana OMV Sticker Replacement

When it comes to an OMV sticker replacement in Louisiana, the process is slightly different. Motorists must first complete a vehicle application form in which they will have to provide personal and vehicle information.

On section C of the form, applicants must mention if their sticker and/or license plate has been lost or stolen and requires a replacement. After submitting the application, motorists can expect to receive a replacement for their lost car registration sticker within 30 days. The OMV replacement sticker fee is as follows:

  • $10 for the replacement fee
  • $8 for the handling fee

Additional fees may apply to validate the sticker.

Louisiana Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

When you replace a lost car registration online or in person, there are fees you must pay. Typically, there is a fee for the application, the processing and sometimes a service fee. In Louisiana, the fees are as follows:

  • $4 for a duplicate registration fee
  • $8 for the handling fee

As such, applicants can expect to pay a total of $12 to replace a lost car registration in Louisiana.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.