Louisiana DMV.com FREE Practice Test Sections

The information from the official Louisiana driver’s manual was used to create all of DMV.com’s practice test questions. Our practice exams feature questions on all the key road topics, from regulations and rules to signs and signals, and you can test your knowledge on these driving subjects by taking the sample test for free.

Traffic Laws

Thanks to the presence of Louisiana’s traffic laws, the roadways operate safely and efficiently. From red light procedures to four-way stop measures, these laws help LA residents travel by motor vehicle smoothly – and they will all be covered on the official written drivers exam. To make sure you’re prepared for this section, try out DMV.com’s Sample Practice Exams to hone your driving knowledge.

Traffic Signals

Signals for traffic are commonly encountered on any commute. So it’s no surprise that you will be tested on them during your LA written knowledge exam. Some examples of traffic signals that you may be asked about include:

  • Signals for traffic control
  • Signals indicating an oncoming ramp
  • Signals indicating a lane movement
  • Signals indicating a pedestrian crossing

Try out the FREE DMV.com Sample Practice Test to improve your understanding of traffic signals.

Traffic Signs

Determining what a traffic sign means and obeying the law it is associated with is a critical portion of driving safely, regardless of your state of residence. See how well you know Louisiana’s traffic signs by trying out our free practice tests.

Pavement Markings

Find out how well you know the pavement markings of Louisiana streets by taking our free sample exam. You’ll be quizzed on a variety of important road lines, including:

  • Lines that delineate car lanes and bike lanes.
  • Lines that indicate one-way roadways.
  • Lines that indicate no-passing zones.
  • Lines that delineate sharrows, reversible lanes and turn lanes.
  • Lines that indicate roadway edges.

Inclement Weather

Driving in the rain, the fog or any other unusual weather condition can be dangerous for residents of Louisiana. In order to prepare drivers to operate vehicles in such conditions, the Office of Motor Vehicles includes a number of questions related to inclement weather on its driving test. So before you go into your testing appointment, make sure you know how to handle:

  • A jammed gas pedal.
  • Wet brakes.
  • Failing brakes.
  • Skidding tires.
  • Blown tires.
  • Engine failure.

Louisiana DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

Preparation is key for the best results on your written driving exam. To make sure that you ace your Louisiana written test, follow this simple five-step prep process:

  1. Take a look at all of the rules and regulations sections of Louisiana driver’s handbook as a review. All the questions that you see on the official driving exam will be taken from the details on these pages.
  2. Take DMV.com’s Driving License Sample Test to see how familiar you are with all the key driving topics. The questions on our sample exam directly mirror the content and format of those on the official written test.
  3. If you’ve finished the sample test and you think you need some more test prep, get the comprehensive DMV.com Study Guide. This study tool takes all of the most important sections of the LA handbook and condenses them into a simplified, convenient resource.
  4. To get a more extensive practice examination, try out our Premium Practice Test. Like the Sample Test questions, all the questions you see here will be very similar to those on your official test. So you’ll get a good idea of how well you will do on test day.
  5. Continue on with our practice test until you score at least a 90 percent, at which point, you can finally set up a knowledge test appointment at your local Office of Motor Vehicles location to obtain your learners permit.

Getting Your LA Driver’s License

There is no question that the written driving test is an important part of the process to get a driver’s license in Louisiana. However, it’s just one step of several that you have to take to obtain your desired credentials. To get your LA driver’s license, you have to complete all of the steps below:

  1. Give the Free Driving Test on DMV.com a try to see how well you know the material that is going to be on the exam.
  2. Utilize DMV.com’s Study Guide to build on all of your current knowledge of road rules and regulations and improve upon any areas you’re having trouble with.
  3. Take as many practice tests as it takes for you to understand the material and be happy with your score.
  4. Compile a list of documents you need to bring to the local driver’s licensing office and get them together.
  5. Set up an appointment for your drivers exam at a local Office of Motor Vehicles location.
  6. Pass your Louisiana written knowledge test.
  7. Successfully complete the mandatory vision screening.
  8. Pass your LA driving skills test.
  9. Give your license examiner all of the documents that you gathered, including proof of your drivers ed course completion.
  10. Get your official Louisiana driving license.
Last updated on Tuesday, May 22 2018.