Making a DMV driving test appointment in Louisiana can save you time and, ultimately, money. Using the Louisiana DMV appointment system when conducting certain driving license or motor vehicle-related business is a prudent step. However, the option to schedule an appointment may not be available through every Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) location of the state Department of Public Safety (DPS). Local OMV offices provide both vehicle- and driver-related services. However, the opening hours, types of offered services and working days may vary from office to office.

If your nearby OMV site provides LA drivers license appointment services, then you may be able to schedule a visit for various reasons, such as taking your road skills test or renewing your driver’s license. The methods to schedule your visit or cancel your appointment may differ from office to office. The documents that you will have to bring will also vary depending on the transaction you will be completing.

Driving Test Appointments in Louisiana

Scheduling a DMV road test appointment in Louisiana is not a mandatory step since certain offices accept walk-in applicants at their discretion. Different OMV offices may offer different schedules for taking the road skills test. For instance, smaller locations will not allow you to make a DPS appointment between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Some offices, on the other hand, provide road skills test services only during a limited number of days.

If you successfully schedule your DPS driving test appointment in LA, then you will be required to arrive on time with your own motor vehicle. Your OMV examiner will perform a vehicle inspection before administering the test in order to check whether or not the following vehicle safety features are fully functional:

  • Headlights, tail lights, brake lights and blinkers
  • Sideview and rearview mirrors
  • Car horn and windshield wipers
  • Car tires and the brake system

Since the state OMV does not administer the road skills test in inclement weather, it may cancel your driving license appointment if the weather does not permit safe motor vehicle usage. However, you also have the option of taking the exam with a third-party tester, which may allow you to take the road skills exam with a rented vehicle and in inclement weather.

Note: Third-party testers charge a fee for the Louisiana road skills exam.

Other Services Covered by the Louisiana DMV Appointment System

In addition to scheduling a DMV appointment in Louisiana for the road skills test, you may be allowed to schedule an office visit for other purposes as well. When you make an appointment, DMV transactions will be completed in a fast and straightforward manner since you will not be required to wait in line. Depending on your nearby OMV office, the services available by appointment may include, but will not be limited to, the following:

To learn whether or not you can make a DMV online appointment in LA or schedule your visit by phone for one of the above services, contact your nearby driver licensing and motor vehicle office. The state OMV provides a list of all available offices and their contact information on its website.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Louisiana

The fastest way to schedule your DMV appointment in Louisiana is calling your nearby driver licensing and vehicle registration office and making the appointment by phone. The state OMV does not yet offer the option to schedule a DPS online appointment through its website. If your nearby OMV location allows you to make an appointment, then you will be required to provide several types of information, such as your preferred visit date and time and the reason for your visit. Once you schedule your appointment, you must arrive at your OMV site on time to avoid missing your slot and waiting in line.

What to Bring to Your Louisiana DMV Appointment

When you obtain your Louisiana DMV appointment number, you can start preparing for your visit. Note that the documents and fee payments that you must bring will vary depending on the type of transaction you will be competing. For example, the paperwork necessary for your OMV driving test appointment is outlined in the following list:

  • Valid state-issued identification documents
  • An up-to-date safety inspection document for your vehicle
  • A current license plate sticker
  • An up-to-date registration certificate
  • Proof of a valid car insurance policy

For some driving license transactions, you may also have to submit the full set of identification paperwork, including primary and secondary ID forms and proof of residency. If you are applying as a minor applicant younger than 18 years of age, then you will also need additional paperwork authorizing you to conduct business with the state OMV. Note that the applicable fees will vary depending on the type of transaction you are completing.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Louisiana

If you successfully schedule a DMV appointment in Louisiana but your plans change and you would like to reschedule, then you will be able to do so via the same method that you used to make the appointment. For instance, if you would like to reschedule a DMV appointment that you have made via telephone, then you will most likely be required to call your OMV office and inform them of your new plans.

To cancel your appointment with the DMV, on the other hand, follow these same steps and inform the state OMV that you have reconsidered making your office visit. The options to reschedule and cancel a visit to a driver licensing and motor vehicle office are contingent on whether or not you are allowed to initially schedule your visit. For example, certain locations may not even offer you the option to make a DMV appointment in LA. Therefore, when planning your visit to your local OMV office, contact it by phone to inquire whether or not you can schedule an appointment.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.