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Fri, 2/12/2016 - 7:46 am by Jordan Perch

With the traditional vehicle ownership concept starting to lose its allure for many Americans, automakers are forced to start thinking about new ways for attracting new customers and keeping their current customer base.

Car-sharing services have become a very popular alternative to personal car ownership, and they are a major part of the changes in personal mobility trends. That's why several automakers have started offering similar services, in an effort to appeal to an increasing number of consumers who prefer on-demand mobility over purchasing and driving their own car. General Motors is the latest car maker to join the car-sharing business, after launching a new service that offers an alternative transportation solution to those who are not that keen on owning a personal vehicle.

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Thu, 2/11/2016 - 7:20 am by Jordan Perch

department of transportationThe U.S. government has been actively supporting the development of autonomous driving technology over the past few years, by enacting various rules aimed at helping the auto industry overcome the many challenges that hold back the introduction of self-driving cars to market.

Now, United States has decided to take some more concrete steps in support of efforts for further advancing autonomous car technologies, intending to invest a substantial amount of money in the development of driverless vehicles over the next few years.

10-Year Plan Worth Almost $4 Billion


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Wed, 2/10/2016 - 4:39 am by Jordan Perch

rear-end collisionRear-end crashes are the most common type of motor vehicle crash, with the leading factor being driver inattention. In recent years, several automakers have implemented a new technology that has proven to be very helpful in preventing these types of accidents, but it's still not widely available and is only a standard feature in high-end vehicles.

It's a crash avoidance technology, most commonly known by the name “forward-collision warning” (FCW), and according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), when coupled with automatic braking, it is very effective in reducing rear-end

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Tue, 2/9/2016 - 6:54 am by Jordan Perch

millennials drivingOver the past couple of years, numerous studies have suggested Millennials don't like cars and that they basically hate driving. But, while it is true that Millennials have been buying fewer cars than older generations, there are some valid arguments that they haven't given up on cars altogether. The latest indication that Millennials do have a love affair with cars, just like other generations have, is a new study that firmly suggests that Generation Y – as Millennials are also known – do like to drive, after all.

J.D. Power, a company that provides marketing information services, has released the study

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Mon, 2/8/2016 - 6:00 am by Jordan Perch

hyundaiHyundai Motor Company has been one of the world's largest automakers for a long time, outselling global giants like Ford, Honda and Nissan year after year. But, the South Korean manufacturer has been mostly focused on building quality and reliable vehicles at an affordable price.

The company is looking to change that now, as it has finally decided to have a go at the luxury car market. Hyundai has announced that it is entering the luxury car segment, creating a separate luxury brand, following in the footsteps of the likes of Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Hyundai has decided to convert its existing nameplate Genesis into a luxury division, with plans to launch six new models by the end of the

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Fri, 2/5/2016 - 4:34 am by Jordan Perch

winter drivingThere are numerous challenges that drivers face whenever they hit the road during the winter months. When driving in winter, they have to deal with snow, ice, rain, as well as potholes, which increase the risk of collision and can cause substantial damage to vehicles. When it comes to damage caused by winter hazards, there is a lot of confusion among drivers as to what types of damage are covered by their insurance.

Since winter driving hazards are quite different and usually more serious than those typical of other seasons, auto insurance coverage applies differently to claims over winter-related disasters. Drivers should be aware that there are all kinds of winter driving hazards,

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Thu, 2/4/2016 - 5:16 am by Jordan Perch

California DMVBy all means, California is currently at the forefront of efforts to creating the preconditions and the right environment that is necessary for a faster adoption of autonomous cars. The Golden State is the home of several companies developing driverless cars and the testing ground for many self-driving prototypes. That is why California's legislators have been putting a lot of effort into creating a set of rules that would regulate the operation of autonomous vehicles, but those rules have been changed several times and are expected to undergo a few more changes in the future.

The state's

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Wed, 2/3/2016 - 7:34 am by Jordan Perch

Ever since Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana a couple of years ago, with several other states following suite recently, there has been a debate over whether it will become an increasingly common traffic risk factor and whether it will lead to more car accidents on U.S. roadways.

While there is some truth to the claims that using marijuana affects a person's driving ability, many studies show that the consequences of driving under the influence of marijuana are not nearly as serious as those of drunk driving, and that it does not increase the risk of getting into an accident substantially.

Awareness of Their Impairment

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Tue, 2/2/2016 - 6:51 am by Jordan Perch

Fully-autonomous vehicles may be at least a decade away from hitting the market, but cars featuring lower levels of automation are already available for purchase. However, it's clear that there are numerous challenges that must be overcome before driverless cars can completely gain widespread adoption. In addition to the technical and regulatory issues that still haven't been resolved, public perception of vehicles that drive themselves is also expected to be a factor that could hold back the mass adoption of self-driving cars.

Hesitant to Give Up Control

A new survey shows that it will be pretty difficult to convince consumers that autonomous cars are safer and can drive better than human drivers. According to a survey conducted by the AAA, many Americans are not ready to

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Mon, 2/1/2016 - 6:59 am by Jordan Perch

Parents are often faced with all kinds of dilemmas when it comes to using car seats for their children. Many parents accidentally make various car seat mistakes, with incorrect installation and switching to the forward-facing position too early as some of the most common ones.

A new study that was recently published might confuse parents further and cause them to repeat the same mistakes when putting their children in car seats, potentially increasing their risk of getting seriously injured in the event of a collision. In the latest edition of the Journal of Traffic Injury Prevention, a new study examining

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