You have to apply for a duplicate commercial driver’s license if your current CDL has been lost, stolen or damaged. If your license has been stolen, you have to report it with the police, along with applying for a duplicate license at your local DMV office. Start simplifying your application process today by visiting your state-specific page:

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How To Replace a CDL in Virginia.

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Unlike the procedure for a CDL renewal, where you are allowed to apply by mail or online, when it comes to applying for a duplicate license, most states require you to do it in person.

When applying for a duplicate CDL, you have to bring a proof of identity, and you can use your Birth Certificate or your Social Security Card for that purpose. Then, you have to pay the replacement fee, which is usually lower than the renewal fee.

If you are need a duplicate CDL because your current license has been damaged, you have to surrender the damaged license at the DMV when applying for a replacement.

Last updated on Wednesday, December 5 2018.

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