A CDL replacement in Ohio is a procedure that drivers must perform when facing a lost, stolen or damaged commercial license. Motorists need to replace CDL license by using one of the replacement methods offered by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (OH BMV). A replacement procedure is mandatory in each situation, if drivers want to continue operating their commercial vehicles legally on public state roads. Therefore, regardless of the reason for replacing a CDL license, motorists will have to complete the appropriate procedure and satisfy the imposed requirements.

In order to apply for a duplicate CDL in Ohio, motorists will need to first complete certain steps, satisfy a set of requirements and prepare a list of mandatory documents. Drivers also need to discover the available replacement methods that they may use. In order to discover more information about how to replace a CDL license in Ohio, continue reading the sections below.

When do you need to get a duplicate CDL license in Ohio?

An Ohio DMV CDL replacement may be needed under various circumstances and in different situations that do not qualify for a CDL renewal. For instance, motorists who are dealing with a lost CDL drivers license, in most cases, are the ones that perform the replacement procedure.

However, drivers may also replace their CDL credentials when they suspect that someone stole them. In that situation, motorists are encouraged to file a police report at their local law enforcement agency. Regardless of the reason for replacing a CDL license, drivers need to contact the OH BMV and discover how to replace a CDL license and whether they will face certain penalties if they fail to replace it.

Documents Required to Replace a CDL in Ohio

To replace CDL license in Ohio, motorists will have to satisfy certain requirements as part of the procedure. One of those requirements include preparing a list of mandatory documents that drivers need to submit at the OH BMV. The paperwork that motorists need to collect and provide when applying for a duplicate CDL license may include the following items:

  • Proof of identity
  • Payment for the applicable fees

Furthermore, when providing the documentation for a CDL replacement at the OH BMV, motorists may be asked to submit additional documents, depending on their specific situation. Therefore, prior to submitting the documents, make sure to contact the OH BMV and discover more information about other items that you may need to provide.

How to Replace an Ohio CDL in Person

In order to replace CDL license in Ohio, the OH BMV requires motorists to visit a local deputy registrar office and perform the procedure personally. To complete the CDL replacement procedure, drivers need to do the following:

  • Prepare and submit a proof of identity, if needed.
  • Pay the applicable $27 CDL replacement fees.

After the OH BMV representatives verify the driver’s identity, the duplicate CDL license will be issued immediately at the nearby deputy registrar agency. The replaced credential will have the same date of expiry as the previous license that had been lost, stolen or damaged.

Note: The OH BMV is supposed to have all drivers’ original CDL applications on file, but motorists are encouraged to prepare a proof of identity, in case they need one.

How to Replace an Ohio CDL by Mail

Motorists who want to apply for a duplicate CDL in Ohio need to appear in person at a local OH BMV office. However, when drivers are out of the state or are stationed out of the state on active military duty, they may inquire of other replacement methods. Therefore, out-of-state motorists are highly encouraged to contact the OH BMV and discover whether there are other available replacement methods that apply to their specific situation.

CDL Replacement Fees in Ohio

The ultimate step of the Ohio DMV CDL replacement procedure is to submit payment for the applicable fees. In addition to the documents that drivers need to prepare for a replacement procedure, they will also need to provide payment for the mandatory fees. Motorists are required to pay the $27 CDL replacement fees to the OH BMV when they appear in person at a local office. However, if drivers are unable to visit a nearby OH BMV location, they need to contact the BMV and discover more information about the possible methods for paying the CDL replacement cost.

Note that out-of-state OH residents may be given the opportunity to perform the procedure by mail. In such case, they will have to pay the applicable fees in a different way. In most cases, paying fees via mail may be done by sending a check or money order to the BMV address. However, in order to discover more information about this option, motorists are encouraged to contact the OH BMV beforehand.

Last updated on Thursday, May 2 2019.

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