A CDL replacement in New Mexico is a procedure that motorists need to perform when they deal with a lost, stolen or damaged commercial license. Drivers need to replace CDL license through the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (NM MVD) if they want to continue operating their commercial vehicles legally on public state roads. Therefore, regardless of whether motorists have a stolen, damaged or lost CDL drivers license, they need to complete the appropriate replacement procedure and prepare a list of mandatory documents.

In order to perform a replacement procedure for a commercial drivers license, motorists need to first complete certain steps and satisfy a set of requirements. Drivers also need to discover the available replacement methods that they may use. To discover more information about how to replace a CDL license in New Mexico, continue reading the sections below.

When do you need to get a duplicate CDL license in New Mexico?

Motorists may apply for a New Mexico DMV CDL replacement instead of a CDL renewal in a situation when they lose their credential and therefore are prevented from operating their commercial vehicles. Moreover, drivers may also apply for a duplicate CDL license when they suspect that someone had stolen their driving credentials.

In such cases, they are also recommended to file a police report with their local law enforcement agency in order to avoid becoming victims of identity theft and fraud. When motorists are dealing with a stolen or lost CDL drivers license and want to get a replacement credential with a different license number, they will be required to file a police report with their police department.

Then, they will have to submit a copy of the police report at their local NM MVD branch where they will perform the replacement procedure. In addition to the copy of the police report, drivers will also be required to provide a signed statement saying that they want the NM MVD to issue a new driver license number.

Documents Required to Replace a CDL in New Mexico

When applying for a DMV CDL replacement in New Mexico, motorists need to perform certain replacement procedures. As part of the procedure, drivers will have to prepare specific documents that they will have to later submit at a local NM MVD office, which is similar to applying for a CDL in New Mexico. The mandatory paperwork needed for getting a duplicate CDL license includes the following:

  • Application forms for duplicates
  • Copy of a police report, for a stolen credential
  • Proofs of identity and NM residency, as required for a Real ID
  • Payment for the applicable fees

Note: Since the NM MVD issues each driving credential as a Real ID, applicants for replacements will be required to provide the mandatory proofs of identity and NM residency, just as for an initial application procedure for a CDL.

How to Replace a New Mexico CDL in Person

A stolen or lost CDL drivers license in New Mexico may be currently replaced only in person at a nearby NM MVD location. However, the NM MVD may also allow another method for getting a duplicate commercial license. Therefore, drivers are encouraged to contact the NM MVD beforehand, in order to discover whether the division offers another replacement method.

To apply for a duplicate CDL in New Mexico, motorists need to visit a local NM MVD and complete the following steps:

  • Complete certain application forms for duplicates, if required.
  • Provide a copy of a police report, when the credential had been stolen.
  • Provide a signed statement for getting a new driver license number, when the credential had been lost or stolen.
  • Submit proofs of identity and NM residency, as required for a Real ID credential.
  • Provide payment for the applicable fees.

Since the methods and requirements for a NM DMV CDL replacement may vary, motorists are highly encouraged to contact the NM MVD prior to beginning the procedure. That way, they will discover more information about how to replace a CDL license easily and will avoid wasting their time.

CDL Replacement Fees in New Mexico

The final step of the CDL replacement procedure requires drivers to pay certain applicable fees. However, the CDL replacement fees in New Mexico are not strictly determined. Therefore, motorists are encouraged to contact the nearby NM MVD office prior to making any payment, in order to avoid paying the wrong amount of money.

Note: The regular driver’s license replacement fees range from $18 to $34, however the cost of a commercial drivers license may be different that the cost for a regular passenger license.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.