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New Mexico Veteran Benefits

The state of New Mexico provides various veterans' benefits related to housing, finances, education and more. This is a brief description of each benefit program.

New Mexico Veteran Housing Programs

The New Mexico Veterans Integration Center (NMVIC) facility at 13032 Central Ave SE provides housing and meal services to homeless and at risk veterans. There is also a Veterans' Home in Truth or Consequences and a veterans wing at Ft. Bayard Hospital.

New Mexico Financial Assistance Benefits

Honorably discharged veterans who have served at least 90 days of active duty are eligible for the New Mexico Veterans' Tax Exemption of $4000. Veterans who receive 100% service-connected disability compensation benefits are exempt from paying property tax. More info on tax benefits can be found here.

New Mexico Education Benefits

All honorably discharged veterans who are using a federal education benefit and dependents of active service members are considered as residents and pay reduced tuition rates. This includes Title 10 Reserve and Guard. There is a Vietnam Veteran Scholarship intended for veterans who have lived in New Mexico for at least 10 years, served in Vietnam and are recipients of the Vietnam Campaign or Service Medal. Veterans of the WWII or Korean War who joined the military while they were in high school and never graduated, are entitled to a high school diploma. More on education can be found here.

Veterans Education and Training Services:
The State Approval Office evaluates and approves education and job training programs.

Other veterans' benefits in New Mexico include: free fishing and hunting licenses; issuing of veterans' license plates; veterans' military honors and many more.

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