Background checks in New Mexico mainly involves investigation of the criminal activities of a prospective employee or tenant, but it may also apply to his or her credit or financial history. Though it is highly important for an NM background screening to be performed during a pre-employment process, for instance, individuals are not allowed to do so, unless authorized.

As such, a New Mexico background report may be obtained by criminal justice or authorized government agencies. Other individuals who request a background search, must obtain an approval form, completed and signed by the subject of search.

How to Get a New Mexico Background Check

New Mexico criminal history check and the information provided are controlled by the state’s Department of Public Safety (DPS). Typically, background screening applications are name-based and can be sent by mail.

In case an applicant wants to perform a personal background check in NM or allow a third party to obtain those details, he or she must submit a DPS Authorization for Release of Information form. The application must be notarized and it must include an original signature. A detailed background investigation in New Mexico can be conducted on a fingerprint basis.

Note: The NM DPS does not accept hard copy fingerprint cards. Since the fingerprint-based background investigation is processed electronically, you must first register online before completing the procedure.

Ordering a New Mexico Background Check Online

It may be more convenient for requestors to complete the NM background verification online. For an online background check in New Mexico, applicants may need to hire a third party to conduct the investigation for them.

To order an instant background check, you may be asked to provide certain personal information for the subject you want to screen, such as:

  • The individual’s first and last name.
  • The individual’s date of birth.
  • The individual’s Social Security Number.

Who needs a New Mexico Background Check?

In general, requestors need a New Mexico background verification to obtain information about a person’s past criminal actions or any financial misdemeanors, especially as part of the employment procedure.

A personal background check in NM may also be needed, in case you wish to verify the accuracy and reliability of the details included in the report. In such case, you may simply obtain your instant background check via the Internet.


A renter background search in NM is often performed, as property owners or agencies want only the best candidates to live in their residencies. When doing a thorough NM background check on a future tenant, they are able to uncover any past activity that may be suspicious.

Such background screening information may be a sign that the candidate will not treat the property with respect. It may be crucial for landlords to do a background verification on each candidate applying to rent their house or apartment.


Background reports in New Mexico can be ordered if an employer wants to check a prospective job candidate. NM employee background verification is usually done during the selection process, as it helps recruiters to easily eliminate applicants with questionable behavior.

A clean employee background report, on the other hand, will only show that the candidate is a serious and reliable person. As such, he or she may prove to be very useful for the company in general. Note that, when getting a background check in NM, employers must comply with state and federal laws, as well as have an authorization from the individual they are screening.

EMS/First Responders

Individuals may undergo an EMS background investigation when applying for a working position in a hospital or clinic. The medical background report is necessary for the employer to revise the criminal or financial history of the applicant.

As working in such environment is considered to be highly stressful, candidates must show a clean record to prove they are competent for the job.

Care Givers

NM complete background screenings may be also conducted on a potential babysitter or a caregiver for an elder or a disabled person. Individuals who need to hire someone to take care of their family member will certainly want to first check his or her history.

Should the full background check include any details about a past criminality of the candidates, they may be excluded from the process. Note that you may perform an online background check prior to being interviewed so to better prepare for any questions regarding your past.


A background search in New Mexico may be performed even on a managerial level. NM background checks for employment are typical when a company is looking to hire a new director.

As top executives are usually the ones that represent the company, they are expected to exhibit model behavior. Any potential criminal or financial misdemeanors on their New Mexico background report will only indicate that they are not able to handle the responsibility and pressure of such a position.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Individuals may obtain their own background report in New Mexico if they want to revise the included information. NM background screenings may also be requested by government agencies and private organizations, for the following purposes:

The Difference Between Standard & Criminal Background Checks

A criminal history check in NM generally includes arrest record details on subjects arrested for felonies, or misdemeanors which are punishable by six months or more of incarceration and DWI offenses.

Criminal history checks may scan not only state, but federal databases as well, to discover any previous criminalities or convictions of a person. Requestors may need to perform a standard NM background screening for professional, financial or credit history records.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.