Getting a background check in West Virginia will help you investigate an individual’s commercial, financial or criminal records. WV background screenings are often conducted by government or private agencies for employment purposes.

Employers most commonly request background checks for employment in order to investigate the information about prospective employees. Continue reading the sections below in order to find out more details about performing criminal history checks in West Virginia.

How To Get A West Virginia Background Check

Online criminal history checks in WV may be performed with the consent of individuals whose criminal histories are being investigated. Those individuals must also provide their fingerprints to the West Virginia State Police so that the requestor gets a WV background report, which contains past offenses and misdemeanors.

Note: Individuals, who are unable to provide their fingerprints for the background search, can complete a Card Scan Information form instead.

Ordering A West Virginia Background Check Online

West Virginia background checks may be performed only online by providing the following documentation:

  • The individual’s electronic fingerprints or a completed Card Scan Information form.
  • The individual’s written consent.

Who needs a background check?

Conducting a background investigation in West Virginia is a process available to authorized individuals or government agencies. Landlords and employers are the requestors that most often perform a background screening on a potential tenant or employee.


Landlords may perform a renter background check in West Virginia online for possible tenants who want to rent their property. Such rental background investigations supply landlords with useful information about the tenant’s criminal or financial history.

By conducting WV instant background checks on possible tenants, landlords will be able to eliminate unqualified tenants and choose the most suitable ones. A clean renter background screening in West Virginia will help tenants secure the property they want.


Employee background investigations in West Virginia are standard procedures that most companies conduct in order to check candidates’ criminal histories and offenses committed. Perform a WV personal background check prior to your job interview to prepare yourself for any questions.

EMS/First Responders

Request a medical background search in West Virginia if you want to choose the most suitable personnel for state clinics or hospitals. The EMS background investigations are conducted for the purpose of examining the history of applicants who want to be first responders.

You are advised to have clean WV medical background reports, which will demonstrate that you are prepared and appropriate for the job position.

Care Givers

West Virginia complete background investigations are requested when looking for a person to take care of a family member. Requestors need to perform online criminal history checks in order to find out more information about the criminal past of applicants.

Order a complete background check in WV to assist you in choosing the right candidate for the position of caregiver for your family member.


Conduct a business background check in West Virginia before hiring a manager for your company. Requestors can perform an employee history check for each candidate who applied for the managerial position.

The WV employee background check will reveal both the candidates’ financial and criminal history and will demonstrate which candidate is suitable for the open job position.

When You Will Need A Background Check

Conduct a complete background check in West Virginia if you want to obtain information about a certain individual. A WV criminal history check is usually performed in the following situations:

  • Hiring purposes.
  • To rent a new apartment.
  • To obtain certain types of licenses or certificates at a WV DMV office.
  • To purchase firearms.
  • To adopt children.

The Difference Between Standard & Criminal Background Checks

Two types of background screenings are currently available in West Virginia: State and FBI check. The standard background search in West Virginia includes investigation of the individual’s criminal offenses committed within the state.

The criminal background report obtained from the FBI, on the other hand, contains the individual’s arrests and convictions on a federal level, which were committed both inside and outside of the borders of West Virginia.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.