Conducting a Connecticut background check is a procedure that is generally completed by companies when hiring new personnel. A background screening in CT is available to individual applicants, and it may be necessary in other instances as well. In addition to the standard background investigations that review an individual’s financial and professional history, you may also order a criminal history check in CT.

Such checks are a requirement in certain situations, such as seeking government employment or buying a firearm, and they will reveal whether or not the job applicant has had any prior criminal convictions. The State Police does not issue criminal reports for immigration purposes. You will be required to apply for a Letter of Good Conduct in such circumstances.

How to Get a Connecticut Background Check

Certain types of Connecticut background screenings, such as driving records or credit histories, can generally be ordered via the internet. The online option is not currently available for individuals or businesses requesting a CT criminal record search directly through the State Police.

Criminal records will be released after submitting a paper application in person or by mail. Applicants, however, may be able to indirectly apply for a name-based criminal record lookup through a background check website.

Ordering a Connecticut Background Check Online

Getting a background check in Connecticut via the internet is a straightforward procedure that can be completed through any computer connected to the web. When completing a standard online background check in CT, you will be required to submit several types of information about the record holder, such as his or her:

  • First and last name.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Date of birth.

To complete the process of ordering a background check online in CT, applicants will typically be required to pay a set processing fee. Depending on the type of CT background investigation that is ordered, the costs will vary and requestors may be required to submit additional information.

Ordering a Connecticut Background Check in Person and by Mail

Connecticut police background checks can be conducted by delivering a paper application to the State Police Bureau of Identification. Requestors can submit the Criminal History Record Request (Form DPS-846-C) in person or by mail. The application form will allow you to order a criminal record search in CT that is either name-based or fingerprint-based.

If you are requesting a fingerprint-based investigation, you will have to submit the subject’s fingerprint cards as well. The cost amount will vary based on the type of criminal history check you request. Fingerprint-based reports cost more.

Note: Requestors can refine their search by adding additional information, such as the record holder’s aliases, maiden names and other dates of births used.

Who needs a Connecticut background check?

Various types of Connecticut background investigations can be requested by individuals and organizations for a wide range of reasons. Most commonly, government agencies and private businesses apply for a background search in CT during the initial phases of the employment process.

Other instances when a background report may be necessary include renting a living unit or finding employment as a caregiver.


Renter background checks in Connecticut are often the determining factor in the rental agreement process. Prior to renting their housing unit, landlords will review the criminal and financial histories of potential tenants. By agreeing to rent to an applicant with a clean rental background report, owners will protect themselves against late payments and property damages. By ordering an online background lookup in CT, both landlords and tenants can ensure they obtain the best lease terms.


Employers often complete a Connecticut background check for job purposes in order to properly assess potential employees. Based on the nature of the job, businesses may order either a full background check or a more specific report, such as the applicant’s driving record. Job seekers with clean CT background screenings generally prove to be more reliable workers.

EMS/First Responders

By conducting EMS background checks in Connecticut, medical institutions will ensure they hire first responders who can properly care for patients during stressful situations. Due to the job’s demands, hiring personnel must order a full medical background report, which will contain the job applicant’s criminal, financial and professional records. By doing so, hospitals can easily exclude candidates who can potentially harm vulnerable patients.


Ordering a complete background check in Connecticut is often a necessary step when hiring a caregiver who will tend for a member of your family.

By ordering a full background investigation via the internet, you will receive a detailed report of the job applicant’s criminal, credit and personal history. Then, you will be able to exclude caretakers whose past indicates that they may not be the best candidates for the position.


Connecticut business background checks are also conducted when hiring new managers. Potential team leaders will be expected to meet more rigorous requirements than standard employees, as they must present themselves as good role models for their subordinates.

By completing a complete background screening in CT, businesses will be able to eliminate candidates that do not meet the company’s standards and criteria for the available managerial position.

When You Will Need a Background Check

A background verification in Connecticut is generally required when completing certain procedures. The reasons to get a background check in CT, however, may vary from individual to individual and from organization to organization. The most common instances when you may have to undergo a CT background search include:

  • Completing an adoption process.
  • Applying for employment with a business or a government entity.
  • Purchasing a firearm or explosives.
  • Completing certain transactions through your local DMV branch.

Note: This list does not include all situations when a CT background investigation may be necessary.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

Connecticut background checks are classified based on the type of information contained in various types of records. Standard background reports will generally focus on one aspect of the record holder’s personal history. For instance, a financial background screening in CT will reveal detailed information about the subject’s credit history, credit card usage and whether or not he or she has ever filed for bankruptcy.

Criminal background checks in CT, on the other hand, will cover the record holder’s criminal history, such as whether or not the subject has ever been convicted of a crime within the state. Criminal record searches are further subdivided into name-based and fingerprint-based investigations.

You may generally be able to order background screenings in CT via the internet. Certain reports, such as the fingerprint-based criminal checks are unavailable online, since you must submit the subject’s fingerprint cards in person or by mail.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.