Drivers who fail to pay their Connecticut traffic tickets, and those who do not present a successful traffic ticket defense for purposes of avoiding a conviction on their driving records, are subject to additional costs and penalties.

If you believe you are unable to dismiss traffic tickets in CT through the state court system, the best course of action is to provide your traffic tickets payments on time and settle the issue without further incurring consequences. Learn more about the process of paying driving fines in Connecticut in the sections below:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Connecticut
  • Connecticut traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Connecticut
  • Dismissal of charges in Connecticut
  • Lost tickets in Connecticut

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Connecticut

Paying a speeding ticket in Connecticut or other types of traffic citations is a procedure that can be completed via the internet or by mail. Before paying traffic tickets online in CT, however, drivers must ensure they have their traffic ticket number and a valid credit card.

Also, police departments transfer traffic violation information to the state Centralized Infractions Bureau (CIB) within seven to 30 days of issuing the citation. If your ticket is currently unavailable for online payment, check again at a later date.

Paying a Connecticut Ticket Online

If you choose to utilize the option to pay traffic ticket online in Connecticut, you can successfully complete the procedure by accessing the online ticket payment system of the state CIB.

To start the procedure to pay driving ticket online in CT, drivers must enter their traffic citation number. Then, after reviewing the information related to their traffic violation, motorists will be prompted to provide their credit card number for payment purposes.

When you conclude the transaction, the system will generate a printable confirmation page, which will also be sent by email.

Paying a Connecticut Ticket by Mail

Motorists who are unable to provide their Connecticut traffic tickets payments via the internet can still complete the procedure by mail. If you choose to pay driving tickets in CT by mail, ensure to write a check or a money order with the total due amount, and include the original traffic citation.

Your check or money order must be made payable to the Clerk of Superior Court. Note that drivers are not eligible for payment plans, as they must provide the full traffic fine amount in one installment.

Note: You cannot pay traffic citations in CT with cash.

Connecticut Traffic Ticket Attorneys

If you believe you are not guilty to a traffic violation in Connecticut, you can utilize the option to take traffic ticket to court in CT and contest the citation. By hiring a traffic ticket attorney in such cases, drivers will greatly increase their chances of winning their cases.

You can find a trustworthy attorney using a variety of methods, but the most convenient way to find the right attorney for you is simply to begin your search online. An experienced traffic citation lawyer can help you:

  • Avoid paying the traffic fine and a conviction on your driver’s record.
  • Resolve a driving license suspension or revocation issue.
  • Maintain your current vehicle insurance rates.
  • Learn more about the traffic laws that apply to your circumstances.

Prior to hiring a lawyer to help you dispute traffic tickets in CT, check his or her professional credentials and hiring rates in order to ensure you hire an attorney that meets your needs.

Pleading Not Guilty in Connecticut

Fighting traffic tickets in Connecticut is a procedure that can be initiated by submitting a plea of “not guilty” to the state Centralized Infractions Bureau via the internet, by mail or by phone.

After receiving your decision to fight traffic tickets in CT, the CIB will transfer your traffic citation case to the court presiding over the area where the ticket was incurred. You will also receive the CIB Notice of Transfer to inform you of the fact.

Certain state court prosecutors may offer you the option to resolve your traffic citation case by submitting a request to null your case as well. In such circumstances, the prosecutor agrees to dismiss traffic tickets in CT if you abide by certain conditions within the following 13-month period.

The best way to navigate through these options, however, is to hire a qualified ticket defense attorney. You can find an experienced attorney instantly from the comfort of your own home by beginning your search online.

When you receive the traffic ticket hearing notice, you can start preparing your traffic ticket defense by composing your testimony, calling on witnesses and collecting any relevant evidence documents.

On the day of the trial, the judge will hear both your arguments and the arguments of the state’s attorney. If you fail to successfully dispute traffic tickets in CT, you will be required to pay the total traffic fine amount and any additional court costs and fees.

Also, the traffic violation conviction will be entered on your driving transcript.

Dismissal of Charges in Connecticut

Drivers who are able to successfully dismiss traffic tickets in Connecticut will not be required to pay the CT traffic tickets payments associated with the citations.

If you achieve a dismissal of your traffic ticket charges, you will also avoid any further consequences against your driving privileges. Depending on your circumstances and the practices of the presiding court, you may be able to have your ticket dismissed by completing an approved defensive driving course.

This option is available on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of your traffic court. Drivers can also have their CT traffic citations dismissed if and when the state prosecutor offers them the option to dismiss their case in the event they meet certain conditions.

Note: Incorrectly written-up tickets lead to traffic ticket dismissals as well.

Lost Tickets in Connecticut

When paying driving fines in Connecticut, or initiating the process of fighting traffic tickets, drivers will often need the valuable information contained within the citation. Therefore, in the event of a lost traffic ticket in CT, you will be required to retrieve it prior to the ticket Answer Date in order to avoid further fines and penalties.

The most convenient method to recover the information from a lost citation is to call or email the state CIB and provide your date of birth and full name.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.