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Use the free sample driver’s test to check how you would do on the Connecticut written knowledge exam. The test questions are made from main topics included in the drivers manual. To verify the learned material about essential road rules and regulations, use the free practice exam made by the experts in

Safe Driving Practices

Safe driving is key drivers. Before you start the engine and join traffic, you must know how to behave around other traffic participants. To know the driving rules and correct answers on road safety that you will find on written driving test, read the chapters form the CT drivers. Our free practice test questions cover everything:

  • Starting
  • Accelerating
  • Steering
  • Scanning
  • Work zones
  • Passing
  • Turning
  • Backing
  • Visibility
  • Hazardous conditions

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are part of the test for beginner drivers, making up a large portion of the official written test. Once you head down the road, you need to be able to recognize each sign, define its meaning and follow its directions. See how well you know the road signs with the free sample practice test:

  • Traffic sign groups
  • Traffic sign interpretation
  • Traffic signs meaning

The Connecticut Free Sample Practice Test will assist you in getting crucial knowledge about traffic signs on the road in Connecticut.

Driving in Inclement Weather

You will come across adverse weather conditions while driving. To manage driving in bad weather, practice with the sample questions from’s free practice test. To minimize driving risks and pass the CT DMV written test, the sample practice test sees how well you know how to handle the following situations:

  • Driving in the rain
  • High winds
  • Brake failure and skidding
  • Engine overheating

Connecticut DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist prepared this five-step written driving exam checklist to help you enhance study time and pass the time the first time.

  1. Start by reading the official CT Driver’s Manual – Pay attention to the regulations about safe driving practices, traffic signs, adverse weather conditions and dangerous driving behaviors. These are the topics you will need to know about on the official drivers written exam.
  2. Test your knowledge with the Driver’s License Sample Test – In case you are not sure about all test items, this tool will help you become more confident. The free sample test uses questions in the same format as the ones given on the official Connecticut written drivers exam.
  3. Review the optimized Study Guide – Once you take the drivers license sample test, move forward by reading the vital test topics in the Connecticut Study Guide. The guide contains condensed information from the official CT Driver’s Manual. Key topics are formatted in an easy-read document to help you memorize the required test material.
  4. Take the Premium Practice Test – The practice test is the final study aid made by to make you a success come test day. Take the Premium Practice Test to back up critical test material and ace the written exam questions at one go.
  5. Make an appointment at DMV Connecticut – After you reach a score of more than 90 percent on the sample practice test, you are ready to book the official written exam. Make your appointment now and get your learner’s permit!

Getting Your CT Driver’s License

After you obtain a passing score on the Connecticut DMV written driving test, there a few more actions you need to take to get your license and start driving. To get your driver’s license in Connecticut, pay attention to this 10-step process created by

  1. Check your basic knowledge with the Connecticut Free Practice Driving Test.
  2. Back up the weak spots with the Study Guide.
  3. Continue practicing with the CT free sample test.
  4. Gather relevant supporting documents.
  5. Schedule an appointment at DMV Connecticut.
  6. Pass the official written knowledge test.
  7. Test you eye vision at an authorized medical examiner.
  8. Take the road test.
  9. Submit the application and the additional documents and fees to DMV.
  10. Get your driver’s license!
Last updated on Friday, May 18 2018.