Vehicle owners wondering, “How do I change the name on my car registration in Connecticut?” must note that the state Department of Motor Vehicles processes requests for a name change through local DMV offices. However, prior to initiating the procedure to change name on car registration, applicants will be required to update their information with the Social Security Administration (SSA) since the state DMV must verify their identity through the SSA.

Note that to change car registration, auto owners will first have to get an updated driving license. The name change procedure for vehicle registration and a driver’s license are separate transactions, although many of the same documents and information are needed for both. To learn more about how to change your name on car registration in CT, read the sections below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Name on Your Connecticut Car Registration

If you would like to know when to change your name on car registration in Connecticut, then it is important to note the state DMV requires you to submit a name change request on each occasion you legally change your name, regardless of the reason.

For example, a car registration name change after marriage or divorce is a common situation where you must apply for a DMV name change. Newlyweds and divorcees need to bring in the proper documentation that notes the change from a former name to the new name.

Also, you must change your name due to court orders granting you the right to utilize a new name. This may include legally changing your name for personal, religious or legal reasons. In the rare cases that you are issued a registration card with a typographical error, you will also have to report the error and obtain a duplicate registration certificate.

Get more information on why changing your name on car registration in CT is a mandatory step in certain situations by contacting the department.

Connecticut Name Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

If you are wondering, “Is name change notification mandatory in Connecticut?” then you must note that state law requires you to inform the department of any changes in your personal information as soon as possible.

Your vehicle registration, as well as your driving records, must match your legal name. Several consequences for not changing your name on time in Connecticut may arise in the event that you fail to abide by the DMV-imposed time limit for updating your registration.

The penalties for not changing name on car registration in CT may include a traffic citation and/or a driving license suspension for operating a motor vehicle with outdated documentation. To get the exact details about the time limits to change your name on car registration and the penalties that may ensue if you fail to do so, contact the state DMV.

Steps to Take Before Updating Your Registration in Connecticut

You have several things to do before updating your registration in Connecticut, such as collecting the official proof of your new name and changing your name on other official documents.

For instance, in order to become eligible to complete the DMV registration update procedure, you will first have to submit a written name change request to the SSA along with your marriage certificate, divorce decree or a court order.

Then, within 48 hours of completing the SSA name change transaction, you can finalize the driving license name change transaction with the state DMV. To learn more about what to do before updating your registration in CT and how to change your name on your Social Security card and license to drive, inquire with the department.

How to Change Your Name on Your Connecticut Car Registration

Changing your name on your car registration in person is currently the only available method to inform the Connecticut DMV of your updated information.

The option to change car registration name online is currently unavailable since you must submit certain verifiable paperwork to the department in person. If you are wondering how to change your name on your car registration in person in CT, then note that you will be required to submit the correction form.

The form can also be used to change the name on your driving license at the same time as well.

To change name on vehicle registration in person, you will also be required to submit the corresponding name change proof, your current car registration and an affidavit as well.

If you are also obtaining a replacement vehicle registration with your new name, then you will be required to pay a fee and submit the application for new credentials. Note that the procedure to change vehicle registration name in person in CT can be completed both through DMV locations and AAA offices.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Connecticut

During vehicle registration renewal name change corrections may be accepted by the DMV at the same time. If you decide to update your information and renew your car registration name change paperwork must be submitted in person since it must be verified by the state DMV. Note that you must be within the period to renew your registration.

While you will be responsible to pay renewal fees, your updated documents will have your new name. This is one of the best vehicle registration renewal tips, as you will save on the cost of replacement documents when correcting your name separately.

To learn more about updating your name and paying your registration renewal costs at the same time, consult with the department.

If you need information on how long do you have to renew your tag in Connecticut, then note that the state DMV mails out renewal reminders two months prior to your car registration expiration date. However, the DMV registration renewal grace periods only last for five days after the scheduled deadline.

Therefore, if you choose to complete the vehicle registration renewal process after this period, you will be assessed certain late fees.

Connecticut DMV Name Change Fees

Vehicle owners wondering about DMV name change fees in Connecticut must note that they will be required to pay for the manufacturing of revised documents, which can cost $25.

However, while paying the DMV name change price for the issuance of a new license to drive is a mandatory step, car owners can choose not to obtain a replacement car registration document. In such cases, you will not be required to pay any CT vehicle registration name change fees and you can continue utilizing your old registration certificate.

The department will also require you to pay the standard DMV registration renewal fees in the event that you choose to update your information when renewing your license plates.

Since you are renewing your registration and updating your name, your new vehicle material will have your new name. The fee for renewing registration will include new and updated copies of documents.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.