You need to learn how to change your name on car registration in Pennsylvania as a result of marriage, divorce or court order. To change name on car registration, you need to prepare certain documentation and obtain updated credentials. Vehicle owners may perform the transaction only through the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

A Pennsylvania car registration name change has several steps, including some that must occur before updating the DOT. Vehicle owners who are wondering, “How do I change the name on my car registration in Pennsylvania?” can continue reading the sections below to learn more information about the process.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Name on Your Pennsylvania Car Registration

The reason why changing your name on car registration in Pennsylvania is important for vehicle owners to complete is because their legal name needs to match their DOT records. In most cases, motorists perform a car registration name change after marriage or divorce, as a reflection of the change in marital status. However, newlyweds or divorces who keep their current name and do not legally modify their Social Security designation do not need to update vehicle records.

In addition to marriage and divorce, you may also change your name due to court order when you alter any portion of your name with the court system. Any instance that your legal name changes, including adding or removing names, may mandate you to update your DOT credentials. To find out when to change your name on car registration in Pennsylvania and the consequences of not completing the update on time, read the next section.

Pennsylvania Name Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

The time limits to change your name on car registration in Pennsylvania are not strictly determined by the PA DOT. However, you should perform a name update process as soon as possible after the modification. If you are wondering, “How long do I have to change my name before having a penalty?” then you may only have days to update your personal information.

Certain penalties for not changing name on car registration may occur as a result of failing to update your details on time. Some consequences for not changing your name on time in Pennsylvania may include traffic tickets for driving with outdated credentials or delays when renewing your registration later.

Steps to Take Before Updating Your Registration in Pennsylvania

Motorists are required to perform a DMV registration update in Pennsylvania when they make the slightest change in their full names. If you are wondering what to do before updating your registration, then you need to begin by changing your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

After that, motorists are encouraged to learn the other things to do before updating your registration in Pennsylvania. For instance, a drivers license name change process may be required prior to updating your vehicle title and registration.

How to Change Your Name on Your Pennsylvania Car Registration in Person

If you are a motorist who wants to change name on vehicle registration in person in Pennsylvania, then you need to visit a nearby PA DOT branch and perform the process. When changing your name on your car registration in person, you may need to provide a completed application to correct the name associated with the record.

It is important to note that if you want to change your vehicle registration name in person, then you need to complete only one side in order to get an updated car registration card. However, if you complete the other side of the form as well, then you will also get an updated vehicle title.

Note: Changing your name on your car registration online in Pennsylvania is currently unavailable for vehicle owners who want to perform the update procedure.

How to Change Your Name on Your Pennsylvania Car Registration by Mail

Motorists may also change car registration name by mail in Pennsylvania by preparing the required documentation and sending it to the PA DOT mailing address. When changing your name on your car registration by mail, you will also be required to complete an application for a correction on the record. The same rule for getting duplicate registration or title applies to the mail-in method as well.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Pennsylvania

When performing a vehicle registration renewal name change requests may be also submitted to the PA DOT at the same time. If you want to renew your car registration name change procedures may be performed only after completing an application form for both car registration and title update.

If you are unsure of when to renew your car registration, then you will probably receive a vehicle registration renewal notice prior to the expiration date to remind you to renew your current credential.

Pennsylvania DMV Name Change Fees

A payment for the DMV name change fees in Pennsylvania may be required from vehicle owners as the final step of the name update procedure. However, the DMV title name change fee and the cost of a car registration name change may vary based on whether you want to obtain a replacement vehicle registration or title credential. There is a $6 fee associated with obtaining a duplicate registration card.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.