If you renewed your car registration but have not received your registration sticker in the mail, you may request a replacement sticker online, in person or by mail. However, the availability of these methods varies from state to state. To receive replacement registration stickers, you must contact the DMV, provide proof of identity and submit information about your vehicle. Moreover, you must prove that you have renewed your registration and paid the applicable fees but failed to receive an updated sticker. Our guide contains all the requirements and procedures to obtain a replacement car registration. You will also learn about other vehicle-related transactions, such as the process for updating the name or address on your registration.

2. By Mail

Some states allow motorists to request a replacement registration sticker via mail. To do so, applicants must send in copies of documents that contain required personal details and vehicle specifications. Additionally, you must verify that you renewed your registration and paid all applicable fees. Because you did not receive your registration sticker through the mail in the first place, it is important to make sure that you are sending in the correct documents to the proper address. Also, make sure to verify that your address is up-to-date with the DMV, as delays or cancellations can occur if your file is not updated.

3. In Person

Certain car owners may prefer or be required to visit a DMV office in order to claim the registration sticker they did not receive. During your visit, you will be required to identify yourself with a drivers license or photo ID card. Then, you must provide vehicle-related credentials so that the DMV can locate your records and verify that your registration has been renewed. Because most DMV branches are known for long wait times, it can be helpful to schedule an appointment in advance, if possible. To avoid mistakes that would cause you to visit the DMV a second time, make sure that you are fully prepared to bring the required documentation in person.

Unlike in other states around the U.S., a vehicle registration sticker not received in Pennsylvania is not a problem for vehicle owners whatsoever. A vehicle registration DMV sticker is not received by any driver who registers in Pennsylvania, as the state no longer issues registration stickers for PA license plates.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), which oversees driver and vehicle services in Pennsylvania, decided to eliminate registration stickers in November of 2013. Since then, new and previously registered drivers alike throughout the state have not been given registration stickers or required to display any decals on their vehicle to demonstrate vehicle registration compliance.

Common Reason for a Registration Sticker Not Received in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the few states where a license plate sticker not received is not a sign of a problem with the vehicle owner’s PennDOT registration application or mailing address. While a car sticker not received may initially concern new residents or visitors to PA, they can rest assured that no registration stickers are currently required in Pennsylvania. As a result, no drivers will be penalized in Pennsylvania for not displaying registration stickers or having misplaced or expired stickers on their vehicle.

While a DMV registration sticker is no longer needed in Pennsylvania, all drivers must still have current vehicle registration documents on them at all times. PA drivers cannot replace a sticker online, but they can completed the replacement registration process online or by paper through the PennDOT. When a PA driver does not receive an updated registration card in the mail and does not have other permission from PennDOT to operate his or her vehicle, he or she cannot legally use his or her car until the expected documents arrive.

Pennsylvania drivers used to the old system due to registering vehicles before 2013 may be concerned about renewing or replacing old car decals but can simply remove the expired stickers.

Why is there no DMV registration sticker in Pennsylvania?

When a DMV registration sticker is not received or used by drivers, it makes little difference on the vehicle registration compliance of the vehicle owner, according to a Penn State University research study. These findings helped influence the creation and passing of Act 89 which eliminated the usage of vehicle registration stickers as an element of the vehicle registration renewal process.

Registering a vehicle is still legally required before an owner can operate it in PA, but the elimination of decals saves taxpayers money from sticker issuance and mailing costs. More information about the Pennsylvania vehicle registration process can be found online or in-person at your nearest PennDOT location.

Last updated on Wednesday, December 26 2018.

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