Dealing with a registration sticker not received in Maine is simple yet important. You need to have a current sticker on your car in order to show that you have paid all of your fees for the year and registered your vehicle. Failing to display these can result in tickets as well as other consequences, but luckily, replacing stickers requires little effort.

In the event of a missing sticker, you will need to get assistance from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, also known as the BMV or DMV. If your DMV sticker was not received, it is helpful that you learn the common reasons behind missing stickers. This can help you identify and correct any problems that may have led to your stickers going missing. Below, learn why your stickers may have become lost and find out how to go about getting replacement decals to avoid fines and other penalties.

Common Reasons for a Registration Sticker Not Being Received in Maine

More often than not, a car sticker not received is the result of drivers filling out their applications incorrectly. The most common types of errors on applications include:

  • Using the wrong address.
  • Failing to include the correct renewal fee.
  • Not completing the required sections.

Drivers should always make sure that the BMV has their most current address on file. Failing to update an address after moving can result in many different issues, as certain types of BMV mail will not be sent to forwarding addresses. Car owners may update their addresses at any time, but it is especially important to make sure the address is up-to-date when renewing one’s registration.

Note that while user error is usually the reason behind a missing DMV registration sticker, it is possible for the BMV or the United States Post Office (USPS) to mishandle car stickers. If this is the case, it is still the driver’s responsibility to order new tabs before his or her current registration expires.

Can I legally drive if my Maine registration sticker was not received?

If you are dealing with a DMV registration sticker not received in Maine, it is important to be aware that you can still be held accountable for driving with an expired car registration. By law, you can be ticketed if your registration has been expired for too long. After your registration has been expired for more than 150 days, for example, you will be charged with a crime in addition to receiving a traffic citation. Keep in mind that law enforcement officers can still ticket you for driving with expired decals even if your replacement stickers were lost in the mail. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to get replacement stickers before your registration expires.

Additional Consequences of a License Sticker Not Received in Maine

If your Maine car tag sticker is lost in the mail and you are stopped by law enforcement just a few days after your registration is expired, you will usually receive a warning instead of a ticket. Warnings will require that you get your registration taken care of within a certain number of business days. While you are usually not fined when you receive a warning, it is still an inconvenience that you have to deal with.

Steps to Take If Your Maine DMV Sticker Was Not Received

Before asking where to get registration sticker replacements, it is worth reviewing the steps you need to take. To start, you will want to ensure that you have waited the appropriate number of days before ordering replacement stickers for your car. The processing times for stickers vary based on where you live, and some BMV offices will take longer than others to send out new tabs. If you have waited long enough and your DMV sticker replacement has still not arrived, it is helpful to contact the BMV to ask about the status of your order.

In addition to your license sticker not being received in Maine, you may also experience your license plates being lost in the mail. This is more common if you ordered replacement stickers and plates at the same time.  In situations such as these, you will need to sign an affidavit stating that your license plates were lost in transit and that you never received them.

Furthermore, you must agree to return the plates to the Maine Secretary of State if your plates do end up arriving at a later date. This is a legal issue, as license plates can be used fraudulently when they fall into the wrong hands. Notifying the Secretary of State is required so that plates lost in transit are not used illegally.

Where to Get a Registration Sticker Replacement in Maine

If your decals or license plates are lost during the car plate sticker renewal process, you will need to submit an application in order to get your registration credentials replaced. You usually cannot replace a sticker online even though you have the option of renewing your registration on the BMV’s website. Instead of getting a registration sticker online, you will need to visit a local BMV office in person.

The application process differs depending on whether you need a new license plate, a plate with stickers or just replacement stickers. Any time you need a license plate with your stickers, you will need to fill out the appropriate form. Be prepared to provide the following:

  • The class of license plate you have
  • The plate number
  • Whether you need one plate replaced or both
  • Your name, address, date of birth and phone number
  • Whether or not you need new stickers and the expiration month of your stickers
  • What happened to your original plates and stickers
  • A copy of your current car registration document

If you simply need a new sticker but your license plates are intact, you may visit a BMV office and provide your car registration card. In most cases, you can receive new stickers just by paying a $2 fee and presenting this document.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.