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Vehicle Emissions Testing in Maine

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In Maine, a vehicle emissions test is required for many original registrations, as well as for annual registration renewals in the Cumberland County. Renewal notices are sent annually to vehicle owners, and indicate whether and by what date an emissions test must be completed. A motor vehicle registered to drive in Cumberland County also needs pass an enhanced auto inspection.

Note: All vehicles registered in Maine have to complete an annual safety inspection. The safety inspection can be done at dealerships or service stations or garages and typically cost $12.50 for regular vehicles. Inspections for school buses are charged at $8.


A motor vehicle requires an emissions test when:

  1. It is registered in the Cumberland County.


The emission test is valid for a year. A valid test is required to reinstate a suspended registration and to complete an original vehicle registration or registration renewal. Used car dealers are required to issue a valid emissions test for any vehicle they sell. Getting an emissions test is the buyer's responsibility when the vehicle is purchased from a private owner.


A vehicle is exempt from emissions testing when:

  1. It is registered in any county of Maine excluding Cumberland County.


Any Authorized Enhanced Inspection Station licensed by the Cumberland County can test your vehicle. An inspection mechanic would be responsible for the actual inspection. For more information, contact:

Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Air Quality
17, State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04330-0017    

(207) 287-2437


There is a maximum emissions testing fee set by the Maine State Police, Motor Vehicle Inspection Unit. The fee varies by type of vehicle and date of purchase. See Emissions Fees for details.


If your vehicle fails the emissions test, you must have the vehicle repaired in 60 days, after which it must pass the after repairs emissions test. The vehicle can be repaired at the station or elsewhere. Some stations offer discounts or "no-pass, no-pay" deals at the station owner's discretion.
If you have a 1996 model or newer vehicle then the OBD system will require one week of driving in the city and the highway for a retest.

Maine does not issue exemptions or waivers.    


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