If you have recently lost your car registration in Maine, you must take the appropriate measures to obtain a new one. This credential links a registered vehicle to its owner and is a key requirement to operate a car in the state. Driving without proof of registration is a violation of Maine traffic laws and can result in costly fines. As such, motorists are required to get a new copy of the vehicle registration whenever these documents are lost, damaged or stolen.
The state Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) offers two ways for requesting an ME DMV copy of registration: online or in person. Generally, both of these options are simple and entail similar steps. In any case, motorists must meet certain requirements and gather the mandated documents for the BMV to locate vehicle records. For an in-depth look at how to replace a car registration in Maine, review the sections below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Maine?

As a general rule, all car owners must carry a valid and legible copy of a vehicle registration in Maine. Driving without proof of registration can lead to certain tickets and fines, as it violates traffic laws. Among the various scenarios in which a motorist will need to replace a car registration in ME, consider the following:

  • The registration is no longer legible due to extensive damage.
  • The registration gets lost.
  • The registration is stolen.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Maine

There are several ways to obtain a replacement for a DMV lost registration in Maine. For instance, applicants may file their request online through the Bureau of Motor Vehicle official portal, in person at a local BMV branch or via mail. Below, you will find a detailed description of how each of these procedures works.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration Online

To obtain a copy of your vehicle registration online, you must visit the Maine BMV website. However, in order to be eligible to complete this process, applicants must meet the following requirements:

After meeting these requirements, motorists can gather the necessary documents to request a DMV registration replacement. This includes the license plate number of a vehicle and the full name and date of birth of its owner.

It takes approximately seven business days for car owners to receive the ME replacement vehicle registration card. It is important to note that the BMV sends duplicate registration certificates to the address listed on file for the motorist. As such, if the applicant would like the registration sent to another address, he or she must first verify the current address on file with the bureau.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

In order to replace a lost or stolen car registration in person, motorists are encouraged to call their local BMV branch and set an appointment. Then, applicants must gather the necessary documents, which includes photo identification and vehicle information such as its license plate number and its registration’s expiration date. Applicants will then have to complete a request form to replace their lost car registration papers. Once that step is complete, motorists must pay the fee and submit the application.

Maine Stolen Car Registration Requirements

The Maine DMV does not require motorists to file a police report for a stolen car registration. In addition, there is no waiver for the DMV duplicate registration fee if the motorist files a report. Nonetheless, motorists are encouraged to file a police report to have a record of the incident. This will protect the motorist in case the registration is used for fraud or other criminal activities.

In certain cases, residents may be allowed to report a stolen vehicle registration online. Then, a police officer may contact the motorist directly. In many police departments, residents can also file reports through the phone or in person.

Maine DMV Sticker Replacement

Getting a DMV sticker replacement in Maine requires a slightly different process. There is no online portal through which motorists can obtain a replacement. The MV-11 form, or “Request for a Duplicate Registration Certificate,” cannot be used to request a new sticker. As such, motorists must complete the process in person.

The first step in replacing a DMV lost registration sticker is locating your nearby DMV office in Maine. Then, you need to bring to the office a form of photo identification and your license plate number. This will allow DMV workers to locate your vehicle records. Once that step is complete, you will need to pay the DMV replacement sticker fee. This amount can vary slightly depending on the local office.

Note: For a stolen registration sticker, the fee will stay the same.

Maine Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

When you get a copy of your car registration, be mindful that this is not a free service. Local DMV offices charge a standard $2 fee to process the application and supply a duplicate.

Furthermore, additional service fees may apply depending on your circumstances and on the BMV branch where you apply.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.