Replacing a lost car registration in Nebraska is an important step that vehicle owners must take as soon as their original credentials sustain damages or go missing, as failure to keep these materials on them may result in costly fines and additional driving-related penalties. To obtain a copy of vehicle registration credentials, however, motorists must visit their local county treasurer’s office to complete the application process in person. Additionally, motorists must pay a state and local fee when doing so.

To replace car registration materials such as license plates or decals, vehicle owners must also complete the process through the treasurer’s office in the county where they live. Unfortunately, Nebraska motorists cannot replace their registration materials online, by telephone or by mail at this time. To learn more about replacing registration materials and to discover the types of information vehicle owners must provide when submitting their request, review the information below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Nebraska?

Motorists must replace an NE DMV lost registration certificate as soon as the original credential sustains damages or disappears from their possession, as doing so is mandatory under the Nebraska Revised Statute. Under Section 3, 157, for instance, vehicle owners must apply for a replacement credential as soon as their original document is lost, stolen or destroyed. However, only the individual who is named on the vehicle’s original registration certificate may apply for a replacement credential.

Under state law, motorists must also keep their registration certificate and proof of financial responsibility inside of the registered vehicle, as drivers must present these documents if a police officer pulls them over for any reason. However, the registration certificate does not need to remain visible from outside of the vehicle.

If drivers do not get a copy of car registration materials after these important documents sustain damages or disappear from their possession, penalty fees may include the following:

  • $25 if drivers operate an automobile without proof of their vehicle’s registration card
  • $25 if motorists operate a vehicle without two valid license plates

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Nebraska

To obtain a Nebraska DMV copy of registration materials, vehicle owners must visit a local county treasurer’s office to complete an in-person application for replacement credentials. However, motorists cannot download this application from the DMV’s website, nor can they apply for duplicate materials online, by mail, or by telephone. To learn more about the in-person application process, review the section below.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

To apply for DMV registration replacement in Nebraska, vehicle owners must visit their local county treasurer’s office to complete the process in person. However, motorists must do so through the treasurer’s office in the county where they live. A full list of county treasurer offices, addresses and telephone numbers is available under the Nebraska DMV’s website.

When applying for a duplicate certificate of registration, vehicle owners must present the following materials:

When replacing a lost vehicle registration card, automobile owners may present their current registration credential as well. Additionally, applicants must provide payment for any applicable replacement fees.

Nebraska Stolen Car Registration Requirements

Reporting lost car registration papers in NE is not mandatory in the state. However, filing a police report after registration credentials are lost or stolen can help to protect the identity of the vehicle owner. Additionally, a police report may help a vehicle owner to avoid driving penalties, traffic citations or costly fees if he or she is pulled over by a police officer and cannot present proof of his or her registration credentials.

Nebraska DMV Sticker Replacement

To replace a DMV lost registration sticker in Nebraska, motorists must visit their local county treasurer’s office to complete the process in person. The process of replacing a license plate decal is the same as that of obtaining a duplicate certificate of registration. For instance, applicants must present the following:

  • A VIN
  • Proof of identification
  • Evidence of financial responsibility
  • Their current license plate number

If automobile owners fail to receive their new registration decals within 14 days of renewing or replacing their vehicle’s registration materials, they may obtain replacement credentials at no charge.

Note: If you need to replace damaged, mutilated or unreadable license plates, you may surrender your old plates to any DMV office in the state. However, doing so is not mandatory.

Nebraska Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

The cost of replacing an NE car registration certificate varies by county, as each treasurer’s office charges its own fee in addition to mandatory fees under the State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Under article 60-3,157 of the Nebraska Legislature, for instance, all motorists must pay a statewide fee of at least $1 to replace their registration card, or $2.50 to obtain replacement license plates.

Under the requirements of the Nebraska DMV, however, vehicle owners may also need to pay:

  • An Emergency Medical System Operation Fund of $0.50.
  • A Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund of $2.
  • A State Recreation Road Fund of $1.50.
  • A County General Fund of $1.50 for Nebraska residents or $5 for non-residents.
  • A license plate and DMV replacement sticker fee of no more than $3.50.
  • A duplicate snowmobile registration card or decal fee of $1 per credential.

However, these fees vary slightly depending on the county where motorists purchase a replacement certificate of registration. In Lancaster, Sarpy and Douglas Counties, for instance, the total cost of replacing a certificate of registration is $6.50.

To obtain DMV duplicate registration credentials through a county treasurer’s office, motorists can pay these fees by electronic funds transfer or credit or debit card. Additionally, some county treasurers may accept cash, money order or personal checks as payment. To obtain specific payment information, vehicle owners may contact their local DMV office before heading in.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.