Nebraska drivers license renewal is required for all licensed drivers living in the state. To complete the renewal process, residents must follow a specific series of steps. First, drivers should ensure they meet DMV license renewal eligibility standards for operating vehicles. These guidelines are developed to make sure only qualified residents are granted the right to drive in NE. Next, drivers must complete the application process for license renewal. Specific documentation is required to be submitted by applicants.

Drivers are also charged the processing fees and license costs to receive renewed permits. The costs for renewal differ from card replacement, which is a separate process. License replacement should only occur when permits are stolen, lost, damaged or personal driver information has changed. To learn more about obtaining driving privilege verification in Nebraska, continue reading this article.

Eligibility for Drivers License Renewal in Nebraska

Nebraska Drivers License

Note: The expiration date of your driving privileges can be found on your license, directly below your issue date.

Nebraska residents are required to meet drivers license renewal eligibility requirements in order to receive an updated license. These guidelines are developed by state licensing agencies to fit federal driving standards. Some basic renewal guidelines include:

  • Applicants must be of legal driving age.
  • Applicants must currently hold a license in the state.

To renew a drivers license online or in person, confirming identity, residency and citizenship status is necessary for residents. One or more of the following documents may need to be presented at the time of renewal:

  1. Documents proving Social Security Number (SSN):
    • Valid Social Security Card
    • W-2 containing SSN
    • 1099 form containing SSN
    • Pay stub containing SSN
  2. Documents proving identity:
    • NV ID card, license or permit
    • Marriage license
    • United States Passport
    • S. military ID papers
    • Official school transcripts
    • Divorce certificate
    • Employee photo ID
  3. Documents proving address in the state:
    • Current license, permit or Nebraska ID card
    • Official mail stating applicant’s name and residential address
    • Official mail from schools
    • Recent government-issued forms
    • Mortgage documents

P.O. boxes should not be provided to drivers license offices as confirmation of state residency. Only residential addresses can be submitted and will meet NE verification standards.

Online license renewal is only available to drivers who meet the following eligibility requirements.

  1. Applicants cannot have changed their names since their last permit, license or state ID issuance
  2. Applicants cannot have undergone significant physical changes to their appearance in order to match the photo and physical description currently on file
  3. Applicants cannot have renewed their license online in the past 10 years

Instances When You Cannot Renew Your Drivers License in Nebraska

DMV permit renewal is only possible when drivers have a clean driving record on file. If licenses are currently suspended or revoked, renewal cannot occur. Furthermore, any outstanding driving tickets and/or traffic citations should be paid before starting the renewal process. Driving records are checked by licensing agencies when applicants request updated permit cards.

How Early Can You Renew Your Drivers License in Nebraska?

In Nevada, drivers can renew their licenses in advance at any time. The state provides a 30-day notice via mail to residents with permits due to expire. On-road privileges are left uninterrupted until licenses are renewed by the official expiration date.

However, completing the renewal process after the expiration date can result in penalty charges being issued.

Nebraska DMV License Renewal Options

Nebraska drivers are eligible to renew their licenses online or in person. Understanding what is needed to renew drivers licenses for both options helps drivers prepare the necessary information and documents before starting the process.

How to Renew Your Drivers License Online

Online renewal is available to eligible Nebraska residents. Through the official online licensing portal, DMV license renewal requests are submitted by applicants. On these requests, the following personal details must be disclosed:

  • License number
  • Full name
  • Social Security Number

In some cases, drivers must provide additional personal information when applying for renewal. Next, verification documents must be submitted, as necessary. The documents required vary from person to person. Finally, all driving license renewal fees can be paid online. Credit and debit card payments are accepted. When verification of renewal requests, documents and payment is complete, updated permits are issued.

How to Renew Your Drivers License in Person

Some Nebraska drivers may wonder, “Where can I renew my drivers license in person?” Residents are eligible to renew licenses at any official licensing office throughout the state.

When applicants find a local license office, they should visit the location with all required items. Residents can submit drivers license renewal requests, verification documents and fees during the visit. Providing accurate and up-to-date personal information is necessary for renewals to be approved. Furthermore, verification documents should be officially issued originals instead of copies.

In some cases, vision, driving and/or road sign tests are administered at licensing offices.

Finally, NE drivers must pay drivers license renewal fees for updated permit card processing. These payment types are accepted in the state:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit or debit card
  • Money orders

After payments and driver information is verified, the County Treasurer issues a 30-day receipt to applicants. Within 2 weeks, drivers should receive an updated drivers license in the mail.

Military & Out of State Renewal in Nebraska

Special drivers license renewal requirements for out of state active duty military members are available in Nebraska. Active duty military members stationed outside of the state can apply for expiration exemptions.

To complete this process, the following documents must be sent via mail to the County Treasurer:

  1. Military license renewal application
  2. Copy of current drivers license, birth certificate or valid passport
  3. Copy of military orders

Nebraska REAL ID Drivers License Renewal

REAL ID drivers licenses in the U.S. provide drivers with privileges beyond standard licenses. For example, REAL IDs allow license holders to access federal buildings and nuclear power plants, fly domestically and more.

Nebraska REAL IDs are not currently available to drivers within the state. However, this type of identification card will be available in the near future.

Nebraska Drivers License Renewal Fees

In Nebraska, how much does it cost to renew drivers licenses for regular permits? The renewal fee for a Standard Operator License good for five years is $24. Additionally, a $2.50 processing fee is applied.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.