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How to Renew a Driver's License in Illinois

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Drivers License Online Services Guide

An Illinois Driver's License can be renewed in person at any Driver Service Facility in the State. If you qualify for the Safe Driver Program, you can renew online, by telephone or by mail.


  1. Your Illinois driver's license will generally expire on your birthday. The expiration year of your license depends on your age when the expiring license was issued or last renewed:
    Driver's Age at License
    Issue or Last RenewalValidity of License    

    Under 21license expires three months after 21st birthday

    21-80license valid for 4 years 
    81-86license valid for 2 years
    87 and olderlicense valid for 1 year    
  2. You will get a renewal notice 60 to 90 days prior to expiration date from the Secretary of State's office.
  3. It is advisable to renew your driver's license before the expiration date. You can renew your license any time in the six months leading up to its expiration if your license is valid for a year, or anytime in the one year before your four-year or two-year license expires.


You must bring:

  1. Your expiring license or Proof of Identity if the expiring license is not available
  2. If your name or address has changed, documentation of the name or address change is required.
  3. The renewal fee ($30 for ages 21-68 years), payable by cash or check (credit cards not accepted). Fees will vary if you are below 21 or over 68 years old as given here.

You need to have your vision tested and your picture taken before renewal. Your renewal letter will inform you if other tests are required.
You will receive your new license on the same day.


If your renewal letter states that you are a Safe Driver, you can renew online, by telephone or mail.


You need:

  1. The renewal authorization number which is printed on your renewal notice.
  2. Your credit card to pay the renewal fee. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, Discover card) You can also pay by electronic check. If you choose to pay by card, you will be charged $1.75 as processing charges.

You have to print out the page confirming that the transaction has been accepted.
The renewal sticker will arrive after 10 business days.
If you are a Safe Driver, you need to visit a Driver Service Facility only once every eight years to renew your license.


To renew by phone, call (866) 545-9607 on a touchtone telephone. This facility is available throughout the day everyday. Payment can be made using credit card (Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express).
An additional fee of $1.75 apart from the renewal fee will be charged.


You can renew by mail, if eligible, by following the instructions in the renewal notice.
Mail the document to:

Secretary of State
Attn: Safe Driver Renewal,
Central Services Section
2701 S. Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, IL 62723    


Submitted by photosmart55 on 17th May 2016

I see that I will need a

I see that I will need a valid DL to get through security at airports by January 2018 - and Illinois has now complied with the government regulations for the new REAL licenses. My current DL doesn't expire until May of 2019 however - and I cannot renew it any earlier than 6 months before it expires? Even at 1 year before exp (in case I have the "6 mos. wrong") that brings me only to May of 2018. But I have plans to fly before that. Am I going to be allowed to renew it any earlier, so I can be in compliance with the license needed to fly? Or should I just go in whenever I want (an extra trip to - ugghh - the DMV) and just get an "in compliance" state ID?

Submitted by Nancy Rabin on 26th Apr 2014

Changing of address? When?

Changing of address? When? How?

Submitted by yayitskris on 2nd Jun 2013

what do i have to do when my

what do i have to do when my license expired for over a year already? do i have to take the written and road tests again?

Submitted by Anonymous on 11th Feb 2011

In the state of Illinois it

In the state of Illinois it is 30 to renew your license

Submitted by Anonymous on 18th Apr 2011

cause there too lazy to

cause there too lazy to update anything...!!!!