An Illinois bill of sale is a legal document that records a vehicle sales transaction between a seller and a buyer. A vehicle bill of sale generally contains important details pertaining to the vehicle in question and personal information both about the seller and the purchaser.

Though a car bill of sale is not required for completing a car title transfer, this form may prove helpful in many other situations. While a buyer can generally utilize this form to prove he or she is the current owner of the vehicle in question, the seller can use it for the purposes of resolving any future disagreements also related to the ownership of the vehicle.

A special bill of sale form in Illinois is currently offered by the Vehicle Services Department (VSD) and is meant for vehicles that need to be sent to a salvage yard. For more information about where to get these documents and how to complete them, review the following sections.

When is a bill of sale necessary in Illinois?

The main purpose of an auto bill of sale in Illinois is to protect both the seller and buyer of a vehicle sales transaction in the event of a legal dispute. For instance, presenting a printed out and completed bill of sale PDF releases the seller from any liability related to the vehicle, as it proves that he or she is no longer in legal possession of the vehicle in question. A properly filled out form may also be important for tax purposes

Another instance when a DMV bill of sale may be necessary is when applying for the issuance of a title registration for custom vehicles, as well as especially constructed motor vehicles. The document can be useful in these cases, as applicants are typically required to submit source documentation for the vehicle’s body and major components used during the reconstruction. This documentation typically consists of the bill of sale document in addition to other paperwork.

Note: The Junk Vehicle Bill of Sale generally needs to be completed by individuals who have lost their car titles for a vehicle that is to be sent to a salvage yard. This form may only be used along with a Certificate of Final Disposition.

Who needs an Illinois bill of sale?

An Illinois bill of sale template displays essential information about the transfer of the vehicle in question, and it may prove to be invaluable for both parties of a vehicle transaction. If you are the seller, a simple bill of sale may protect you from future legal disagreements, especially when you are trying to avoid any liability for a traffic violation committed upon the sale of the vehicle.

The form will also contain important information about the vehicle and buyer that the seller would not otherwise have access to. Possessing a valid vehicle bill of sale in Illinois is important for the buyer as well, as he or she can use form and confirm he is the current legal owner of the vehicle, if necessary. Buyers may also need to furnish a completed form during certain vehicle-related proceedings for vehicles not purchased from car dealerships.

How to Complete a Bill of Sale Form in Illinois

A specific bill of sale template in Illinois is not currently available with the Secretary of State. However, a valid sample bill of sale can be filled out with the following information:

  • The seller’s and the purchaser’s full names, addresses and phone numbers
  • The final sale price of the vehicle and the date of purchase
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN) and odometer reading
  • The vehicle’s year, make, model and description
  • The interested parties’ signatures

When completing a Junk Vehicle Bill of Sale form, individuals will need to enter similar information, such as the vehicle’s year, make, model and VIN, the purchase price, date and signatures of both the vehicle’s current owner and purchaser. However, this particular document can only be used in conjunction with the Certificate of Final Disposition.

Should individuals need to submit an Illinois bill of sale form to finalize a specific vehicle-related transaction, they may need to visit an IL SOS office in person, depending on the procedure. Prior to completing the car bill of sale, it is best for drivers to order a vehicle history report, thus ensuring they provide accurate details about the vehicle in question.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.