A Colorado bill of sale is a document that helps to verify a transfer of ownership between the buyer and seller of a vehicle. A vehicle bill of sale should be completed by the vehicle seller and submitted along with other documentation required when selling a motor vehicle. Although it is not necessary in order to complete a car title transfer, the document can help provide a layer of protection for both parties during a vehicle sale.

Therefore, the Colorado car bill of sale should be completed by the seller and signed by both parties that participate in the transaction. The form requires both parties to provide their own personal details as well as information about the motor vehicle in question. Learn how to complete a form by reviewing the following sections.

When is a bill of sale necessary in Colorado?

An auto bill of sale in Colorado is needed in specific situations when individuals are selling or purchasing a motor vehicle. The bill of sale form is recommended when vehicle owners want to transfer the ownership rights of the motor vehicle to another person.

Moreover, a bill of sale template must be completed if the buyer must drive the vehicle before completing the car registration or if the car title does not have the space required to fill out essential information about the vehicle during the title change, such as its odometer reading. Finally, the form serves to provide both the seller and buyer with proof that the vehicle transaction took place, which can be extremely useful in case of any future disagreements.

Who needs a Colorado bill of sale?

A Colorado car bill of sale is a document signed by two parties who are participating in a vehicle sale. Although both parties need the printed bill of sale PDF in order to perform the procedure, the CO bill of sale template must be filled out by the seller with his or her personal information and details about the motor vehicle. The form should then be signed by both the seller and the buyer to confirm the validity of the transaction and of the information provided in the document.

A generic bill of sale is important for vehicle seller because it helps provide proof that the vehicle is no longer in his or her possession. This can release the seller from responsibility of the vehicle is later tied to any traffic violations. A copy can also be useful to buyers in case there is a dispute about the vehicle’s ownership, value or date of purchase.

How to Complete a Bill of Sale Form in Colorado

A simple bill of sale should be completed by vehicle owners who are selling their motor vehicles to another party. The completed Colorado bill of sale form should then be signed by the buyer.

Remember that you will not need this document if you are buying from car dealerships.

The document must be completed with the following information:

  • Date of sale and selling price
  • Vehicle information, including the year, make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Vehicle seller’s name and signature
  • Vehicle buyer’s name and signature

After sellers print and fill out a bill of sale PDF, they must provide the form to the vehicle buyers. Prior to signing the Colorado bill of sell, however, vehicle buyers are recommended to verify the written information in order to avoid future legal inconveniences.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.