You can request a DMV driving test appointment with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) for several driving-related services. CO DMV online appointment times offer a convenient way for Colorado drivers to complete various tasks in person at the DMV, however, many of these can also be completed in full online. Using the appointment system provides an easy way to prioritize your time and reduce how long you have to wait in line to complete certain DMV tasks.

Certain Colorado DMV locations do not accept drivers license appointment requests online, but only accept motor vehicle service appointment requests by phone. Review the sections below to learn which CO DMV offices will accept your online appointments and get tips on making the Colorado DMV appointment system work best for you.

Driving Test Appointments in Colorado

If you need to make a DMV road test appointment, then be sure that you have met all other driver’s license requirements before you go to your driving test. Check DMV appointment requirements such as whether the DMV has received a copy of your written test results if you took your written test at a third-party school.

During your behind the wheel test appointment in Colorado, you will be required to demonstrate your ability to safely operate a vehicle under varying circumstances. Your road test examiner will ask you to perform tasks such as coming to a full and complete stop, signal properly and prove that you can park and back up the vehicle without any problems. Note that you may only schedule DMV appointment times for motorcycle driver licenses at Durango, Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction DMV locations.

Other Services Covered by the Colorado DMV Appointment System

The Colorado DMV appointment system accepts reservations for several types of DMV services. If you attempt to make an online appointment at a location where a certain service is not offered, the system will alert you to choose another DMV office. Currently, available DMV online appointment types include the following:


How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Colorado

If you want to make an appointment DMV test examiners will honor, then follow these steps:

  1. Visit the appointment scheduler online.
  2. Choose from over two dozen DMV online appointment service locations.
  3. A DMV view appointment calendar will open with available dates highlighted.
  4. After selecting a time and date, you will enter your information, which must match the identification info for the person who arrives at the appointment.
  5. Enter your correct email address, which will be used to send your confirmation.
  6. Print your DMV appointment number confirmation page and bring it with you to your scheduled date. If you notice an error in the information it contains, then cancel the appointment and make a new one.

If you do not see a DMV online appointment that will work for you, then try clicking through the calendar to look for openings in future months or choose other nearby DMV locations. Note that you may schedule an appointment online for any offered service at all locations except for Delta, Hot Sulphur Springs or Salida. If you wish to make an appointment DMV related at one of these three locations, then you must do so by phone.

What to Bring to Your Colorado DMV Appointment

Once you have your Colorado DMV appointment number and time, it is important to prepare for your appointment by gathering the documents needed to complete your transaction. Because of the different types of services offered through the CO DMV appointment system, there is no one set list of required documents. When you schedule a DMV appointment online, look for links to document checklists that pertain to your specific situation.

A good general list of drivers license appointment documents includes, at a minimum:

  • A completed CO DMV application or form for the specific transaction.
  • A photo ID, which may be your current learner’s permit or driver license.
  • A Social Security card.
  • A legal name change document if applicable.
  • Proof of residency for noncitizens of the United States.

If you are going to a DMV behind the wheel test appointment, then you must take a vehicle properly registered and insured in Colorado. You should arrive at your driving test appointment with the car’s certificate of registration and auto insurance card or another proof of financial responsibility. Minors younger than 18 years of age must bring a notarized affidavit of liability and guardianship form signed by a parent or legal guardian and a drivers education completion certificate when applicable.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Colorado

If you must cancel an appointment the DMV has already set, then you can do so through the online system or by emailing the DMV your cancelation information. In locations that only accept phone appointments, the cancelation must also be phoned in. Drivers may also reschedule DMV appointment times by phone or in person.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.