Car owners typically obtain a Hawaii bill of sale during the process of transferring ownership of a vehicle. This vehicle bill of sale often proves useful to both the buyer and the seller for vehicles that were not purchased through car dealerships. In addition to the general purposes of a car bill of sale for confirming the details of the sale transaction, the various Hawaii motor vehicle divisions may also use the form for certain car title and car registration procedures.

Those wondering what form to use should note that the separate DMV departments generally provide a different template car sellers and buyers can fill out. Learn more about these forms and how to complete them by reading the sections below.

When is a bill of sale necessary in Hawaii?

Submitting a valid auto bill of sale in Hawaii is a necessary step in certain situations, such as resolving legal matters regarding the vehicle sale or conducting business with the state motor vehicle departments. For example, a bill of sale form may be required when completing the title change procedure with the Honolulu Motor Vehicle, Licensing and Permits division (MVLP) for out-of-state vehicles.

Note that this requirement only applies if the title registration is not signed over by a registered owner. Filling out a bill of sale template may also be required by the Honolulu MVLP for those transferring a vehicle from another Hawaii county. The motor vehicle offices of the other state counties apply similar requirements as well.

A generic bill of sale is also required when titling and registering a reconstructed vehicle that was rebuilt or modified using other vehicle parts. In such cases, the document must be presented for each part that has been added to the modified motor vehicle.

Another case when a car bill of sale may be needed is when registering a vehicle as a member of the U.S. armed forces on temporary service in Hawaii. Service members must present a bill of sale form if their vehicles were registered in a state that does not issue a vehicle title.

Who needs a Hawaii bill of sale?

Retaining a completed Hawaii bill of sale form for your records after selling or purchasing a vehicle often proves valuable in various situations. Since a car sales sample contains information such as personal data about the parties involved in the sale and details about the sold vehicle, it can successfully be utilized by both the buyer and the seller to resolve related disagreements in the future. You can present a simple bill of sale as proof of ownership if your claim on your newly purchased vehicle is contested, since it carries the seller’s signature.

If you are filling out a generic bill of sale as a seller, keeping a copy may be useful in situations where you may be required to prove that you are no longer liable for the sold vehicle. Also, you will generally be required to submit a Notice of Transfer form to your local DMV office that effectively releases you from future liability for the vehicle. In such cases, the DMV bill of sale can be used to correctly fill out the Notice of Transfer form.

How to Complete a Bill of Sale Form in Hawaii

To accurately fill out a Hawaii bill of sale template, car owners will be required to input several types of information, which may slightly vary depending on which form they are completing. For example, those filling out the sample bill of sale provided by the Maui Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing must ensure that the form contains the following:

  • The vehicle sale price and the buyer’s name
  • Information about the vehicle, such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model year and body type
  • Lien information (if applicable).
  • The odometer disclosure statement
  • The seller’s printed name, signature, address and the date

Note: State-issued DMV bill of sale forms also contain an empty field for a notary certification, which should be filled out by a licensed notary public.

Prior to completing your document, ensure the correctness of the information by obtaining a vehicle history report. Then, you can retain a bill of sale copy for your records. If you are required to submit a form for certain vehicle-related transactions, you will generally be able to do so in person through the corresponding DMV office.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.