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License Plates in Hawaii


As soon as license plates are lost, stolen or illegible they must be replaced. Hawaii, while following the same process, divides its jurisdiction by county.

In order to replace your plates you must:

  • Complete the replacement form for your county. While form and for duplicate registration.pdf online offer their forms online, for Maui and Kauai, you must collect the form at your local motor vehicle office.
  • Present proper forms of ID.
  • Hand in any remaining license plates.
  • Pay the license plate replacement fees, which depending on the county, can be from .50 cents to $5.50.

Note: For Honolulu County, you can request replacement plates at a full service Satellite City Hall or by mail by sending the application, any damaged plates and the fee to:

Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing
P.O. Box 30330
Hawaii 96820-0330    


Regular Series

These are the different types of plates in the regular series: Auto, Commercial, Trailer, Motorcycle, Permanent Trailer Identification and Disabled. Application forms are available at your local motor vehicle office. Fill them in and submit with the appropriate fees (see below).

Special Interest Plates

Hawaii's license plates are divided into the following categories: Personalized, Organizational, Amateur, Antique Radio Operator, Military and Disabled. The following is a list of some examples of special interest plates: Combat Wounded, Purple Heart, Bishop Museum, Hawaii Red Cross and Hawaii Pacific University. While Honolulu offers online search and order facility for requesting special interest license plates, for the counties of Hawaii, Maui and Kauai, you must pick up the forms at the local registration office. Please follow the Honolulu Personalized Special Plate Order link to access the options and order the applicable plate.

Organizational Plates

You may order Honolulu Organizational Plates in person. For that, access the application for special license plates and submit at the local motor vehicle office. Click for org license plates.pdf here to access the application for requesting organizational plates for Hawaii County. For Maui and Kauai, you must pick up the form at the local motor vehicle office.
For all other plates for Maui, Kauai and Hawaii, fill in the form available at your local motor vehicle office and submit with the appropriate fees (see below).


For all four counties, the first-time fee to replace a regular license plate with a special interest license plate is $30.50.


Under Hawaii Law it is NOT mandatory to retain standard license plates from a vehicle when selling. You may transfer them to another vehicle or surrender them at your local motor vehicle office.


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