An Oklahoma DMV license plate proves that a vehicle has been properly registered with the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s Motor Vehicles Division (MVD). Valid car registration plates in OK serve as verification that the vehicle has passed the required tests to drive on the state’s roadways.

Car tags also help law enforcement officers identify vehicles and their owners quickly during routine traffic stops. Continue reading to learn more about how to get license plate tags for a new vehicle, and how to renew, replace or transfer your tags when needed.

Types of License Plates in Oklahoma

OK DMV license plates are designed to fit many special interests, although most drivers tend to choose the basic car registration plate by default. The standard plate design was updated in 2017 to the “Explore Oklahoma” car tag, showcasing the state bird soaring over the OK landscape.

Specialty car tags must be applied for through the state’s official applications because drivers must meet certain qualifications to choose certain car tags. Categories include military, school, and tribal affiliations.

Other types of available plates include disability plates for drivers with mobility issues and temporary license plates that are issued by the dealership when you purchase a car there. Temporary new registration plates are meant to be used only until the metal license plate arrives from the OK MVD.

How to Apply for a License Plate in Oklahoma

To get license plate tags for a new vehicle, you must bring your vehicle title to your nearest Oklahoma Tag Agency. While there, you will complete Form 701-6, Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle.

Some applicants for new registration plates may need to complete an odometer disclosure statement and provide lienholder information. Used vehicles and those brought into OK from another state must have a VIN inspection before being able to obtain tags and registration.

How to Renew License Plate Tags in Oklahoma

Drivers wondering how to renew license plate credentials can wait to receive their car tag renewal card from the DMV, either through the mail or electronically through the state’s CARS online app. Note that even if you do not receive a card, you must renew by the expiration date or you will begin accruing penalties one month following expiration.

You may renew license plate tags in Oklahoma by mail, through the CARS online system, or in person at the OK Tax Commission or any motor license agent’s office. All three renewal processes require the same information. You must provide a renewal notice, vehicle identification number (VIN), OK title number or license plate number along with proof of insurance and payment for the fees.

How to Replace License Plates in Oklahoma

For information on how to replace license plate tags after they are lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed, simply go to your OK tag agency and request Form 797-D, Affidavit for Replacement License Plate/Decal. You may also download the form and send it from home.

First, indicate the reason you need to replace license plate tags or stickers. Then, sign the form and submit an acceptable payment method for the applicable fees. Note that there is an additional auto insurance fee and delivery fee if you choose to mail in your application instead of submitting it in person.

How to Transfer License Plates in Oklahoma

If you are wondering how to get license plate transfers between vehicles, note that Oklahoma only allows drivers to transfer tags between vehicles that they own. To apply for an Oklahoma license plate transfer, visit your nearest tag agency.

Oklahoma License Plate Fees

New registration plates in OK require vehicle owners in the state to pay a standard flat rate of $4. Conversely, license plate renewal fees vary according to the year of the registration. On the other hand, this fee remains the same from the first through the fourth year of the registration.

License Plate Lookups in Oklahoma

It is illegal to get license plate lookups on another driver in Oklahoma. You may, however, contact the OK MVD and ask for help in obtaining a copy of your own license plate or driving record history. Send all mail correspondence to the OK Tax Commission

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.